Time For You Walkthrough And Guide

Time For You Walkthrough And Guide

Are you looking for Time For You Walkthrough And Guide? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Time For You Walkthrough And Guide. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Prologue – Tutorial

  1. Find items in the bus:
    1. Time fragment: Lower right corner of the screen
    2. Candy Cane: to the right of the 2nd right seat
    3. Arched Clock: In the middle “pipe?”, to the left of the dirver’s seat
    4. Bottle: 4th right seat
    5. Move right
    6. Biology book: Quite obvious
    7. Cassette: Top right corner
  2. Talk to Claire > Ready
    1. Show the biology book when Claire says she goes to Arturo academy

Time For You Walkthrough – Chapter 1

  1. Yeah I should find out
  2. Go to the Bus stop using the location icon (top right) and
    1. Find the rock: Below the bench
    2. Time fragment: Pink item top left of the bus stop (throw the rock)
    3. Talk to the girl to get your bag > Any Answer > Solve the puzzle: MANDY
    4. Apologize
    5. Sit on the bench
  3. Open your phone (top left) > Messages > Vanessa > Reply: Truth
  4. Go Home > Kitchen > Talk to Vanessa > No > Okay > Any choice
  5. Yeah could be something important
  6. Yeah, whats an extra minute…
  7. Puzzle Appreciation
  8. Kitchen > Vanessa’s last choice > Find:
    1. Sponge: In the sink
    2. Note above the oven
  9. Help out
  10. Laundry > Cleaning solutions > Might as well
  11. Change view and:
    1. Buckets filled with water note: click on the 2 pink buckets
    2. Click below the pink buckets > Running start
    3. Plants picture: click on the 3 plants above
    4. Sock: click on the washing machine > Look inside
    5. Time fragment: to the left of the washing machine, the red thing > Yes > Put your body > Call Vanessa

Office puzzles

  1. Kitchen > Talk to Vanessa > Go to the office
  2. Phone > Reply to Mandy: Excited
  3. Click on the yellow machine and also on the fallen chair > Change view > Click on the wall panel (front) and also on “something underneath the wall” > Change view > left picture > yes > right picture > yes > back to the yellow machine > grab it
  4. Choose all > when she says “Once i finished…” show the oven note > when se says “there were books and shelves” show the yellow machine
  5. Pursue feelings and truth
  6. Click on the drawer above the oven and then on the oven time > yes
  7. Entrance > Washroom > Go to your room > No > Nah, i don’t want > Real life isn’t like > No I won’t > Yes > Yes > Stay & Watch > Stay & Watch
  8. Entrance > Living Room > Yeah > Accident > Yes > Your choice
  9. Washroom > get the Mop
  10. Living Room > Continue

Time For You Walkthrough – Chapter 2

  1. Tell about the Elvo
  2. Any choice
  3. Just get to the point > Surprise
  4. Guest room and find items:
    1. Right Drawer: Any choice
    2. Left picture
    3. Right Picture
    4. Right Lamp: SOHS
  5. Entrance > Location icon > Vanessa’s room (you can replay the scene from your phone)
  6. Location icon > EMTI Corp > Yes > Introduce…
  7. Empty chair (left) > I’m happy…
  8. Phone > Reply to mandy: Interested
  9. Open workspace > click on Akane > Choose all > change view > Click on Erick > Choose all > Change view > Records office > Elvo > Choose all
  10. Selena’s office > Click on her > Storage room code  > click on employee reports (to the left of the coffee cup) > Read both
  11. Storage Room > change view > some items to find:
    1. Box of magazines: above the violin > Yes
    2. Photo: Above Burgers (left)
    3. Stool: Below the violin > Yes
    4. Knife sharpener: Below Burgers
    5. Time fragment piece: Below knife sharpener
  12. Open workspace > Akane > 2 new options
  13. Change view > Erick > choose the 4 new options > Sponge > Erick again > apology
  14. Selena’s office > Give her rings > Yes > Yes
  15. Akane > Yes > Pay for it
  16. Calm > Yes
  17. View Change > Akane > Choose all > View change > Mandy > View change > Selena > Choose all > Yes > Trust me
  18. Some items to find:
    1. Water cooler: Right one > Yes > Yes
    2. Beach balls: 1st the right one, then the left one, then the top left and finally the top right > always yes after clicking
    3. Erick > Yes
    4. Erick’s hand
    5. Blood and wound
    6. Done and change view
  19. Red reports > read them all to unlock the 5th (also read it)
  20. Change view and find:
    1. Cup: in the middle of the black chairs
    2. Cassettes (below the beach balls) > yeah it could be fun
  21. Change view twice > Office chair > yes
  22. When she says “To my shock” show the bloody cup > ask for help > Mandy > on her
  23. When she says “(What do I…” show Akane’s report note > Let it happen

Time For You Walkthrough – Chapter 3

Not ready available


Well, now that you have the Time For You Walkthrough And Guide, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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