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The White Door Walkthrough

Are you looking for The White Door Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you The White Door Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can solve all the puzzles.

The White Door Walkthrough – Day 1

The White Door is an amazing puzzle game. If you anytime get stuck in the game, use the below video guide.

  1. Drag your blanket down
  2. Check the schedule (Taks order, name and also date)
  3. Breakfast: Go to the table, Drag down (drink juice & also coffee), Tap the Donut and examine the sugar packet
  4. Bathroom: Flush the toilet, use the toothbrush (left-right) and also use the towel
  5. Dresser: open the bottom drawer (employee id)
  6. Window: Drag the blinds up, also tap on the bird
  7. Checkup: Press the red button
  8. Answers: Name > Robert, Year > 1972, Date > 14
  9. Computer (choose Maybe & start) answers: Donut, Box, plant, Frame, Speaker, Coin & also Bird
  10. Dinner: Eat spaguetti & Meatbals, drink soda & take the pill
  11. At 20:00 go to the box near your dresser and do 10 shoulder presses
  12. Bed: Pull the cover up
  13. Dream 1: Tap on the cafe > drag t the right
  14. Tap on all the curtains (first upper left corner)
  15. Table: Turn the coffe, spoon and sugar to the same direction, then lift the coffe and tap on the donut
  16. Watch: Turn the hands
  17. Woman: Tap on her & pull her chair in closer, move her eyes to the right and have ahother drink
  18. Pull his hand up > Another sip

The White Door Walkthrough – Day 2

The White Door is an amazing puzzle game. If you anytime get stuck in the game, use the below video guide.

  1. Pull don the blanket, Eat breakfast, use the toilet (also brush your teeth ans wash your face) open the window and tap on the bird
  2. Tap on the silhouette > Tap on him
  3. Checkup: Red button > Answer (age) = 41 > Answer (cafe) = Owl Nest > Answer (Work) = Johnsson > Dinner = your choice
  4. Memory training: choose the different one with the arrows
  5. Eat the dinner and also the pill
  6. Recreational box: Paddle & ball left and right 10 times
  7. Bed > Pull the blanket up
  8. Dream 2 > Lower the music (dial) > Give her a coin & tap the red light
  9. Drive > Find a billboard with number 3982 > use this number in the bird food factory > Left > Tap on Harvey
  10. Drive > Follow the arrows to the parking spot > Pull the smoke up (chimbey) > walk t the door > enter the code (3461) and get inside > talk to your boss (right) & push his tie up
  11. Station 1 > Potatoes (top), Bird seed (middle) and corn (bottom) > Throw it in one of the openings
  12. Station 2 >Pull down the correct tubes to shoot seeds into
  13. Station3: Don’t push the button > pull down your boos helmet
  14. Your locker > Open it, put everything there and carry the box to the exit

The White Door Walkthrough – Day 3

The White Door is an amazing puzzle game. If you anytime get stuck in the game, use the below video guide.

  1. Pull don the blanket, Eat breakfast (tap the mouse and follow it)), use the toilet (tap the mouse, also brush your teeth ans wash your face)
  2. Computer > Tap the mouse
  3. Safe > Tap the mouse
  4. Breakfast > Tap the mouse
  5. Examine the new plant > Tap on the caterpillar > computer, table plant > tap the moth
  6. Recreational box: check the photos in the envelope
  7. Shake the bird seed packet
  8. Examine the tape recorder > place the battery in the right slot > rotate the pieces to make them white and press the 3rd button (code 827)
  9. Check the map to find 2 locations (factory & owl nest)
  10. Checkup: Red button > Answer (bird’s food) = canary grass > Answer (work) = 30 Lake st > Answer (owl nest) = 16 park rd > Answer (code) = 827
  11. Memory training: move the shape to the right spot > Window
  12. Eat the dinner and also the pill
  13. Recreational box: Dominos puzzle
  14. Bed > Pull the blanket up
  15. Outside the building > First hold a car with a sign on in place > tap on the window and go inside
  16. TV > Drag the scene to the right > Tap on it until you wake up in the hospital
  17. Tap on every doctor > pull the blanket
  18. TV > tap on it until it shuts off > tap on yourself (tears) > Answer the buzzer > Open the door, take the plant and touch the leaves
  19. Take the survey and finally take the card

The White Door Walkthrough – Day 4

The White Door is an amazing puzzle game. If you anytime get stuck in the game, use the below video guide.

  1. Pull don the blanket, Eat breakfast (tap the mouse and follow it)), use the toilet (tap the mouse, also brush your teeth ans wash your face)
  2. Examine the plant > “T”
  3. Dresser drawer > Read
  4. Box from work > Symbol
  5. Open the window
  6. Checkup: Red button > Answer (client number) = H1931RL > Answer (laura die) = 12 > Answer (Stay here) = No
  7. Memory training: Cicle shapes until you find the rightone > Donut, Box, Plant, Picture frame and also Bird
  8. Eat the dinner (bloody Mary) and also the pill
  9. Recreational box: Follow the instructions > Flush the toilet 4 times, remove the tank cover, pull the lttle handle inside
  10. Doctor > Talk to him > Rotate the screws of the big red button > Open it and turn all the dials up
  11. Blueprints: Find the items (FATE) > Reboot the computer and use the password FATE > Read the 2 files
  12. Find the ID Card (Doctor), name = J. Grant and access code = Lock
  13. PC ( name = J. Grant & also access code = Lock) > read the 3 files
  14. PC( name = C. Adams & also access code = Hope) > read the sorry file
  15. PC ( name = H. Lee & also access code = Lake) > read the 3 files
  16. Mysterious cabinet > use the four symbols > Open the doors and solve the pipes and cables puzzles
    TV > Change channels until the alarm goes off
  17. Talk to J. Grant, count to 3 and tap on yourself
  18. Dream 4 > Drag the screen until you are seated at the bar, tap on yourself and lift your hand up > ull out your wallet > before giving the money tap on the coaster several times, then tap on the man and give him some matches, 5 bill and 2 coins
  19. Take the blody Mary, pull the drink up, take out and unfold the photo, pull your drink back and give him 10 bill, 5 bill, 2 coin and 1 coin > take the gun and slide the curtains open > Pull the microphone and tap the music notes > finally pull the trigger

The White Door Walkthrough – Day 5

The White Door is an amazing puzzle game. If you anytime get stuck in the game, use the below video guide.

  1. Pull don the blanket & examine the door (YOUR)
  2. Slide the window open and tap on the doctor until he talks
  3. Wall Safe, Code = YOUR > tap the pink drink to spill it
  4. Walk to the pink stain (bubbles) and pop them in order
  5. Find the clue = Dark
  6. Wall Safe > Dark > tap all the parts in the order shown on the speaker > move the notes until you see the word “Face”
  7. Wall Safe > Face > Rotate the disco ball until the lights match up
  8. Piece togheter (picture frame) and find the word Soul
  9. Open the window to find the word Cube
  10. Wall Safe > Cube > drag the cube to the soul’s eyes
  11. Wall Safe > Soul > open the captuse and tap the silhouette
  12. Tap on the Silhouette (Face your dark soul) > tap the corresponding symbols
  13. Pull his hand up & match tour hand to the shadow, then tuck the shadow into bed
  14. The bullet will turn into a car > Tap on the police car to the club > tap on the policeman and also the deer man when you see them
  15. Club > Talk to the bouncer & lift his eyes up > go through the door > Find the DJ and tap on him to put the record into the player, move the needle and spin the record
  16. Move the deer man and talk to him > Move your hand up and push your finger to through the bullet hole until you turn into the shadow
  17. Tap on the woman’s eyes and turn her head upside down
  18. Tap the flowers and drag the moths to her eyes, also push her up off the top of the screen

The White Door Walkthrough – Day 6

The White Door is an amazing puzzle game. If you anytime get stuck in the game, use the below video guide.

  1. Breakfast
  2. toilet: Flush, rotate your relflection to fix it
  3. Checkup: Red button, choose egg as dinner, crack the egg and tap on the bird, also open the window and tap on the bird
  4. Memory training: Computer test > Table: Tap black stuff (glass)
  5. Computer: Open the cardboard box > use the left flap and tap on him
  6. Computer: check the plant, tap the leaf bunches (1 to 5) and tap on him
  7. Again to the computer: Picture flame, tap and hold
  8. Computer: Speaker > press the bigger circle, then the middle one and finally the bigger gain
  9. Computer: Dresser > document in the 2nd drawer > open the bottom drawer, open the new box and pick it up to make the coin squashes the soul
  10. Press Enter (computer)
  11. Eat your dinner and the pill
  12. Recreational box: tap on the replica, then on the table (several times) > tap on the soul
  13. Symbols: Tap on the object (replica) and Stereo, Computer Desk, Toilet, Bed, Dresser and also Toilet > put the soul to bed
  14. Tuck into bed > tap the crow when you see it (3 locations) > open the door with a star
  15. Tap on yourself, drag the 3 clouds to the right, pull the shadow down
  16. Move the stick 3 times, two the coin to drop it and also move bob’s hand
  17. Phone Both, insert the coin, pick the receiver, dial 132, lift the phone up
  18. Get into the car, move the mirror so you can see yourself and the driver > Stop at the White Door sign > Get out and examine the sign > Drag the screen and also see the man top of the staris > Sit down at the table, sign the consent form and check the box > Drag the 7 itms to the right > Turn on each light and talk to Sarah

Day 7

The White Door is an amazing puzzle game. If you anytime get stuck in the game, use the below video guide.

  1. Turn the handle and open the door
  2. Go to the dinner cart, red items to the left and green to the right, eat everything
  3. Press the red button, open the window, eat the breakfast
  4. Memory training: Computer > fill spaces with color
  5. Toilet: Flush and also clean the mirror
  6. Recreational bird: Color the bird as you saw it by the window
  7. Dresser, bottom drawer, color the id photo
  8. Window, tap on the bird, also tap the shadow twice and match his hand
  9. Tuck into bed, start walking > Tap on the 3 thress > also tap on harvey, the parrot
  10. Tap on the woman on the bench and hold
  11. Tap on the bird twice
  12. Pull her hand down, pull her eyes down, also pull her hand away and close the book
  13. Close her eyes

Sarah Day

The White Door is an amazing puzzle game. If you anytime get stuck in the game, use the below video guide.

  1. Turn the handle (door)
  2. Breakfast (glass symbol) / your id card = Name S. White, password Free
  3. Computer (Name S. White, password Free) > read all entries
  4. Safe: Unlock it with the 4 symbols
  5. Pipes puzzle: Tap on it
  6. TV: Turn it on, watch everything and the 7 channels
  7. Find all of them: Breakfast, Box from Jonhsson’s, Plant, Picture Frame, Speaker, Bottom drawer coin (dresser), Window (tap on the bird)
  8. Enter all the symbols in the combination lock
  9. Turn on the TV: 1- Erase the woman (finger), 2-Scribble over the woman (pencil), 3-Press each section, 4-Split the photo and put each piece in the right spot, 5-cover all the buttlerflies with the beams, 6-Robert’s items to the right and woman’s items to the left, 7-white outlines to the woman
  10. Machine > Tap on the yellow box
  11. Corrupted soul to the bed > go through the white door

The Basement

The White Door is an amazing puzzle game. If you anytime get stuck in the game, use the below video guide.

  • First watch this video (Rusty Lake youtube channel), at the end reverse the black cube to get the number 7281003
  1. Interview with Dr Horn: copy the empty space after “Personally, I am a great art lover. I often visit museums and galleries, I have a particular interest in Van Gogh’s work:” It says “Bedroom in Aries”, aldo note that Dr Hoorn’s daughter name is Kirsten Hoorn, check her instagram account
  2. Check the About Us page > Answer to the first question is Box 1
  3. Check the Contact page and open the photo in a new window > Answer to the 2nd question is 1st Box
  4. About Us page > Open Dr J Gonzalez photo in a new window  > Answer to the 3rd question is Box 5
  5. Research Tab > the blue and the red line cross at 3 > Answer to 4th question is 3
  6. Research Tab >Open the first photo in a new window > Answer to 5th question is 4th Box
  7. 3rd photo of the Research Tab > says ablack cube in braille > Answer to 6th question is A Black Cube
  8. 4th photo of the Research Tab > Number of each bar: 5, 14, 12, 9, 7, 8, 20, 5, 14, 13, 5, 14, 20 > Answer to 7th question is the letter in the alphabet that corresponds to each number: Enlightenment
  9. Services Tab > View page source (html) > to decode it use for example the 7th word of Existential > Answer 8th: A cabit at a lake
  10. Testimonials Tab > Ursule Lasnick testimonial > Take the first letter of each sentence > Answer 9th = My Corrupted Soul
  11. Homepage > Sentence “The past is never dead” > Answer 10 = Never Dead


Well, now that you have the The White Door Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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