Team Fight Tactics (TFT) Tier List 2021

Team Fight Tactics (TFT) Tier List

Team Fight Tactics (TFT) Tier List gives you the best of in game heroes ranked from best to worst. Our Team Fight Tactics (TFT) Tier List has the list of latest heroes from the game so that you choose the best ones.

Team Fight Tactics (TFT) Tier List (Heroes)

Below is the list of all the heroes in the game ranked from best to worst.

Tier S


  1. Aatrox
  2. Riven
  3. Sett
  4. Yone

Tier A


  1. Ahri
  2. Cassiopeia
  3. Evelynn
  4. Irelia
  5. Janna
  6. Jhin
  7. Jinx
  8. Katarina
  9. Lee Sin
  10. Pyke
  11. Sejuani
  12. Shen
  13. Talon
  14. Warwick
  15. Yuumi
  16. Zed
  17. Zilean

Tier B


  1. Akali
  2. Ashe
  3. Azir
  4. Ezreal
  5. Garen
  6. Kalista
  7. Kayn
  8. Kennen
  9. Kindred
  10. Lillia
  11. Morgana
  12. Nidalee
  13. Nunu
  14. Sylas
  15. Teemo
  16. Thresh
  17. Veigar
  18. Wukong
  19. Yasuo

Tier C


  1. Annie
  2. Aphelios
  3. Elise
  4. Fiora
  5. Hecarim
  6. Jarvan IV
  7. Jax
  8. Lissandra
  9. Lulu
  10. Lux
  11. Maokai
  12. Nami
  13. Tahm Kench
  14. Twisted Fate
  15. Vayne
  16. Vi
  17. Xin Zhao

Tier D


  1. Diana


I hope that our Team Fight Tactics (TFT) Tier List will help you to pick the strongest and most powerful heroes in the game. Let us know in comment section if you need tier list for any other game.

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