Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough & guide

Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough

Are you looking for Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough – Episode 1

  • Talk to all, in order, when talking with Celine > I did it for you
  • At night, visit Celine > Inside > Certainly, then visit Eva and Lily and go to sleep
  • Massage Me (to start Jade Path) > Yes > 1st choice is Love Path, 2nd choice is Sub Path
  • Visit Kit > Talk to Thim > Talk to Lilly > Leave medbay
  • Tell her about your plan (to start Vess path)

Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough – Episode 2

  • Comfort her (to start Lilly path) > Be Understanding
  • Ask Thim
  • Propose to talk some more (to start Thyia path) > Agree > Propose > Inside
  • Deliver cargo first
  • Free Roam:
    • Jade: Sorry (Love Path) OR Agree (Sub Path) > Your choice
    • Kit: Talk about wheelchair
    • Thim: Wasn’t worried
    • Vess: You can confide in me
    • Celine: Invite her > Inside > Love you too
  • Truth > Go yourself
  • Offer to help them > …with them > x2 Inside
  • Accept her
  • Free Roam:
    • Kit: Talk about Pit of Despair
    • Lilly: Of course
    • Nadya: I’d like that
    • Aven: About the past > Be nice

Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough – Episode 3

  • Shoot > Full thrust > Evade
  • Plead with Karan
  • Free Roam:
    • Thyia: Propose a break > 2nd choice
    • Vess: Be understanding > Hold her
    • Lilly: Ask both > Reassure her
    • Jade: Your choice
    • Kit: Too dangerous
    • Aven: No
    • Lilly: About the mission > No reason
  • Visit Thyia and Celine > Bar >
    • Thyia: Accept
    • Kit: ask both
    • Lilly and Celine
    • Vess and Thim: Leave them
  • Visit ConVitae > Sign > Talk to the woman > Come to a deal (3path) OR Pay her taxes > Accept > Both (you can save, but all the scenes are the same)
  • Go to Party > Dance with her > Your choice
  • Be supportive
  • All right

Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough – Episode 4

  • Bargain with Ziv
  • Hug her
  • Free Roam:
    • Nadya: All (3)
    • Celine: Scene
  • Ask around
  • Curious
  • Truth
  • Your choice, but DONT choose Pretend to be alone
  • Free roam:
    • Raene: Confront them > Accept > Go to Raene again > Say something nice > Acknowledge > Be understanding
    • Ziv: Rhenkoy > Relent > Sharak > Ask about Rhenkoy
    • Eva:
    • Lilly: Both
    • Thyia: Drink with them
    • Jade: Put her in her place (Sub path) OR Laugh (Love path) > Go on > Your choice
    • Aven: It’s human nature > Go to Aven again
    • Kit
  • Be polite > Accept > Accept

Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough – Episode 5

  • Help Vitriv
  • Visit:
    • Lilly: Be understanding > Apologize
    • Vess: Kiss her
    • Thim: Make a joke > Ask for his help
    • Celine: Be nice
    • Eva:
    • Raene: Be accepting
    • Jade:
    • Thyia >
  • Steal the speeder > Yourself OR Let Thyia (alternative scene) > scene or alternative scene > see what they offer > inside > go after the girl > your choice
  • Go on a date with Celine > Agree > Let her continue
  • Eliminate Garomph > Wake the girl up > Talk & enjoy the scene > inside > Agree > Shoot him (Jade Sub Path) OR Threaten him (Jade Love path) > Help them
  • Go alone > Put her in place (Jade Sub Path) OR Reason with her (Jade Love path) > Demand Payment > Accept Payment > your choices

Episode 6

  • Look at them
  • Look at her > Have a look > You can have it
  • Pull her closer
  • Watch
  • Maybe we’re in love > Comfort her > Kiss her
  • Have a look > We’re in love > Truth > Ask about her feelings > Acknowledge the feeling
  • Evade > Yes > Yes > No (Lie) > No (Lie) > No (Lie) > Yes > Heightened > Yes > Your choice, but to max points, choose V & inside
  • Comfort her > Be understanding
  • Your choice
  • Confront the guards
  • Free Roam:
    • Raene: Placate > Be accepting > Ask all and confort her
    • Lilly
    • Eva:
    • Aven: I do

Episode 7

  • Watch the ceremony
  • Truth
  • Visit:
    • Nadya: Truth
    • Aven: Profess your love
    • Lilly: Reassure her > Be Understanding > Give her Space
  • Press the issue > Offer her a drink > Welcome her > Accept > Touch
  • Be rude (Jade Sub Path) OR Compliment (Jade Love path)
  • Kiss her again
  • Look at the desk
  • Persuade her to talk > Talk about your feelings > Inside
  • Inside
  • No


Well, now that you have the Tales from the Unending Void Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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