The Survivalists Crafting Recipes (September 2021)

The Survivalists Crafting Recipes

Our The Survivalists Crafting Recipes gives you the perfect list of ingredients to make the ultimate recipe. Just use the The Survivalists Crafting Recipes to create the best recipe.

The Survivalists Crafting Recipes

Below is the best recipe guide for you to use in the game.

The Survivalists Crafting Recipes – Food

  1. Fruit Smoothie – Recipe:  2 Berries, 2 Coconut, and also 1 Palm Leaf
  2. Meat Kebab – Recipe:  1 Meat Chunk or 2 Meat Scrap
  3. Monkey Meal (Requires: Craft Fruit Smoothie) – Recipe:  1 Berries, 1 Petals, and also 1 Makeshift Bowl
  4. Stewed Berries (Requires: Craft Fruit Smoothie) – Recipe:  2 Berries, 2 Petals, and also 1 Makeshift Bowl
  5. Charred Fish (Requires: Craft Fruit Smoothie) – Recipe:  1 Fillet, and also 1 Palm Leaf
  6. Sweet Fish – Recipe: 2x fillet, 2x fruit, and also 1x palm leaf
  7. Crispy Wings – Recipe: 3x bat wing, and also 1x palm leaf
  8. Fruity Kebab – Recipe: 1x meat chunk, 1x timber, and also 2x fruit
  9. Mango Curry – Recipe: 1x makeshift bowl, 2x coconut, and also 3x fruit
  10. Sweetened Meat – Recipe: 2x meat chunk, 3x berries, and also 1x palm leaf
  11. Sizzling Steak – Recipe: 2x steak, 2x berries, and also 1x palm leaf

The Survivalists Crafting Recipes – Items


  1. Handaxe – Recipe:  x2 Pebbles
  2. Flimsy Multitool – (Requires Handaxe) Recipe:  x2 Timber and also x1 Rope
  3. Straw Bundle – (Requires Handaxe) Recipe:  x3 Long grass
  4. Wooden Rod – (Requires Straw Bundle) Recipe:  x2 Timber
  5. Wooden Slat – (Requires Wooden Rod) Recipe:  x2 Timber also x1 Rope
  6. Comfy Padding – (Requires Handaxe) Recipe:  x2 Straw Bundle, x2 Palm Leaf and also x1 Rope
  7. Makeshift Bed Sheet – (Requires Comfy Padding) Recipe:  x3 Palm Leaf
  8. Makeshift Rug – (Requires Crafting Bench & MShift Bed) Recipe:  x3 Fur Clump and also x1 Rope
  9. Rope – (Requires Handaxe) Recipe:  x2 Long Grass
  10. Stone Chunk – (Requires Rope) Recipe:  x2 Pebbles
  11. Tool Handle – (Requires Rope) Recipe:  x1 Pebbles and also x2 Timber
  12. Torch – (Requires Tool Handle) Recipe:  x1 Tool Habdle, x2 Charcoal and also x1 Rope
  13. Flimsy Axe – (Requires Crafting Bench & THandle) Recipe:  x1 Tool Handle, x1 Hand Axe and also x1 Rope
  14. Flimsy Pickaxe – (Requires Crafting Bench & F Axe) Recipe:  x1 Tool Handle, x2 Stone Chunk and also x1 Rope
  15. Flimy Shovel – (Requires Crafting Bench & F Axe) Recipe:  x1 Tool Handle, x Stone Chunk and also x2 Rope
  16. Makeshift Bowl – (Requires Rope ) Recipe:  x2 Palm Leaf
  17. Decorative Wall Hanging – (Requires Crafting Bench & MShift Bowl) Recipe:  x2 Palm Leaf, x2 Rope and also x1 Charcoal
  18. Makeshift Sail – (Requires Crafting Bench) Recipe: 3x fur clump, 3x palm leaf, and also 3x rope


  1. Wooden Club – (Requires Flimsy Multi) Recipe:  x2 Timber, x1 Palm Leaf and also x1 Rope
  2. Animal Trap – (Requires Wooden Slat) Recipe:  x2 Wooden Slat, x1 Berries and also x2 Rope
  3. Spear – (Requires Wooden Rod) Recipe:  x1 Wooden Rod, x1 Metal Ignot and also x2 Rope
  4. Bow – (Requires Wooden Rod) Recipe: x1 Wooden Rod, x2 Mud and also x2 Rope
  5. Lightweight Arrows – Recipe: 2x wooden rod, 3x metal ingot, and also 3x petals
  6. Sturdy Arrows – Recipe: 2x wooden rod, 3x gem stone, and also 3x petals
  7. Gold Spear – Recipe: 1x wooden rod, 2x gold ingot, and also 2x rope
  8. Flimsy Arrows – Recipe: 2x wooden rod, 3x pebbles, and also 3x petals
  9. Bone Club – Recipe: 3x bone, 1x palm leaf, and also 1x rope

The Survivalists Crafting Recipes – Forge

First you have to build the Forge

  1. Metal Nails – Recipe:  x2 Metal Ignot
  2. Stone Slab – Recipe:  x2 Stone Chunk and also x1 MUud
  3. Glass Sheet – (Requires Stone Slab) Recipe:  x1 Pebbles and also x2 Sand

The Survivalists Crafting Recipes – Structures

  1. Flimsy Bed – Recipe:  x1 Comfy Padding
  2. Peeble Floor Tile -(Requires Flimsy Bed) Recipe:  x2 Mud and also x3 Pebbles
  3. Straw Wall – (Requires Flimsy Bed) Recipe:  x2 Straw Bundle
  4. Wooden Wall – (Requires Straw Wall) Recipe:  x2 Wooden Slat and also x1 Rope
  5. Lightweight Bed – (Requires Flimsy Bed) Recipe:  x1 Comfi Padding, x2 Wooden Slat and also x2 Metal Nails
  6. Campfire – (Requires Flimsy Bed) Recipe:  x6 Pebbles
  7. Multipurpose Pole – (Requires Campfire) Recipe: 2x wooden rod and also 2x mud
  8. Small Chest – (Requires Campfire) Recipe:  x4 Timber and also x2 Rope
  9. Medium Chest – (Requires Small Chest) Recipe:  x2 Wooden Slat, x2 Timber and also x2 Metal Hinge
  10. Crafting Bench – (Requires Small Chest) Recipe:  x1 Stone Chunk, x1 Timber and also x1 Rope
  11. Raft – (Requires Crafting Bench) Recipe:  x6 Wooden Rod and also x3 Rope
  12. Forge – (Requires Crafting Bench) Recipe:  x6 Stone Chunk and also x3 Mud
  13. Cooking Pot – (Requires Forge) Recipe:  x6 Pebbles and also x1 Bucket
  14. Table – (Requires Campfire) Recipe:  x2 Wooden Rod, x2 Timber and also x2 Rope
  15. Door – Recipe: 3x wooden slat, 2x metal hinge, and also 1x metal ingot
  16. Window – Recipe: 2x wooden slat, 2x glass sheet, and also 1x mud


I hope that our The Survivalists Crafting Recipes will help you to create the perfect recipe. Let us know in comment section if you need recipe guide for any other game.

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