Sunshine Love Walkthrough & Guide

Sunshine Love Walkthrough

Are you looking for Sunshine Love Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Sunshine Love Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Prologue & First Choices

First, you need to meet your sister at the airport to unlock all the choices.

  1. You look amazing
  2. It’s stunning
  3. Be funny
  4. Don’t do it (Don’t check her…)
  5. Knock on the door > Don’t enter

Sunshine Love Walkthrough – Day 1

  1. Sister: Act confused
  2. Victoria: You wouldn’t believe me > Another time > Mind-blowing
  3. The Twins: I’m not convinced > Their necklaces
  4. Office: Mention the “all women” issue > Figure it out
  5. Cousin: Understand her
  6. Beach: Be honest
  7. Ashley: Act interested
  8. Cousin: Shake her hand
  9. Scooter: It was okay
  10. Burger: Other careers > You’re perfect > About Her Cousin > I got lucky
  11. Back to the Hotel: Any choice, but DONT choose NFW

Sunshine Love Walkthrough – Day 2

  1. Ashley: About her glasses > Compliment her > It sure is > Kiss her back
  2. Cousin: Close her eyes > Breathe naturally > Maintain focus > Don’t do it (don’t hold her hands) > Hug her
  3. Victoria: Cheese > Any ingredients > Say nothing > Ask about the burlesque house > Make her laugh
  4. Twins: Ask for more details > Design and Styling > Marketing and promotion > Post-event analysis
  5. Syster: Pass the message
  6. Painting: Act concerned
  7. Yuki: I’m keen > Flirt with Yuki
  8. Sister: Put your arm around her > DON’T choose Nonchalant Answer
  9. Nicole: Lie to her

Sunshine Love Walkthrough – Day 3

  1. Act concerned
  2. Calm response
  3. Kiss her on the cheek
  4. Don’t mention it
  5. Don’t look up
  6. Ask her

Save Point 1 – Choose The Church

  1. Your role
  2. Answer her
  3. Sure I am
  4. Check the desk drawer, Check the desk drawer again
  5. 6969
  6. Open it
  7. Risk it
  8. Behind the tree
  9. Stand against the wall
  10. Section #3

Save Point 1 – Choose The Cousin’s house

  1. Yes I am
  2. Kiss her on the cheek
  3. Throw the toy at the dog
  4. Section #3
  5. Check the desk drawer, Check the desk drawer again
  6. 6969
  7. Open it

Save Point 2 – Phone Call with Ashley

  • Ask her

(If you visit Cousin’s house before & won the mini game you can choose between Ashley or Trisha)

  1. What do you need
  2. Brassiere, Stockings or also Panties
  3. Sounds good
  4. Kiss her on the cheek

Save Point 2 – Phone Call with Yuki

  1. Agree
  2. Something else
  3. It works
  4. Kiss her on the cheek
  5. Lily
  6. It has potential
  7. I’m in +2 Twins Points but -2 Sis Point, or I’ll think about it +1Sis Point
  8. Best dish
  9. Both equally
  10. Kiss her on the cheek
  11. Ask a question
  12. Check on her
  13. Just one more minute (if chosen Trisha instead of Ashle during the lingerie scene at
    the clothes store
  14. Choose any of the 4 girls
  15. Cuddle her tighter

Sunshine Love Walkthrough – Week 2

  1. Make a deal
  2. Sure let’s do it
  3. Confident answer
  4. Left foot
  5. About about her friend > your choice
  6. Kiss her on the cheek
  7. You sure did
  8. Kiss her on the cheek
  9. I’d love to
  10. (Requires Phone call with Ashley) Ashley’s house: O shape > Tape it up > Tighten all the way
  11. Be appreciative
  12. Reassure her
  13. You look stunning
  14. Compliment her
  15. Ivy or Lily
  16. I’ll keep that in mind
  17. Stare at her hips
  18. Say nothing
  19. Encourage her
  20. Remain still
  21. Sounds good
  22. Don’t Look down
  23. You look great
  24. Lighthouse Hotel
  25. Driver’s License or Passport > Driver’s License or Passport
  26. 10 a.m.
  27. Wi-fi
  28. Step in
  29. Hug Her
  30. Use your imagination
  31. (Requires Phone call Yuki) Yuki’s house: Go with her > No, not at all > Give it a go  > I’m fine > Place you hand hers
  32. Reassure her
  33. Accept her decision (better, relatioships with all of the rest) or Don’t agree (relationship only with Nicole
  34. The restaurant, The hotel, and also The future
  35. I’ve got this
  36. Offer to walk her home
  37. Do it
  38. Accept
  39. I believe we can
  40. Enjoy the scene with Vicky
  41. Caress her cheek
  42. Tap on her window > Try Again
  43. Trisha’s bedroom / Living room
  44. Trisha’s bedroom > Middle Drawer > Something else
  45. Reassure her

Save Point – Nicole Relationship

  1. Agree with her (keep her path open) OR Break up with her
  2. Check her out
  3. Offer to help Cousin
  4. Be honest with her
  5. Check out her A
  6. Her date
  7. Kiss her goodnight
  8. Don’t wake her
  9. Open it
  10. Spank her
  11. Let her continue
  12. Grab
  13. Black > Red > Black
  14. Look closer > Kiss her on the cheek
  15. Near Vicky (+2 Vicky points) OR Near Sis and Cousin (+2 Sis and also +2 Cousin points)

Sunshine Love Walkthrough – Wedding after party

  1. Requires told Ivy or Lily “I’ll keep that in mind” in the previous update > I am > Grab A
  2. Requires slept with Vicky in the previous update > Vicky scene
  3. Ask about Gerald
  4. Young Ashley Scene, Requires
    1. “Her date” during dinner with Ashley
    1. “Open it” when retrieving the box in the honeymoon suite for Ashley

Sunshine Love Walkthrough – Week 3

  1. Phone: Try to unlock phone > Check her photos > Go look for Friend
  2. Kitchen: Get her attention
  3. Lunch: Sounds like an asshole > Preferences > Make a joke
  4. Twins: Yep, she’s fantastic > 1st choice (Works better)
  5. Trisha: Stick around > Keep watching > Go to the front door > They were okay > Test the other side > Let her continue
  6. Shortcake: Compliment her > Agree > Ask her to model > You are great, but > Let Shortcake answer
  7. Connie: Truth
  8. Shortcake: Tell the truth > Feet in the pool
    1. Choose 1st Nicole > Other
    1. Darkham City > Make her an offer > Comfort her > Reassure her > Leave her be > Kiss hergoodnight
  9. Jazmin: Your choice > Kiss her
  10. Connie: It will pass
  11. Ivy (if you kissed her at the wedding): Choose 1st Experiences > I’m definitely interested
  12. Lily (if you kissed her at the wedding): Choose 1st Experiences > I’m definitely interested
  13. Connie: Yes I have > Stay calm
  14. Ashley: Kiss Her > What…? > Don’t do it > Below her b… > Reassure her
  15. Beach House: Tell her how you feel > You and Shortcake > I like her > Ask for help > Ask Shortcake her plans
  16. Uniform: It’s wonderful
  17. Phone: Tell the truth
  18. Uniform: She’s right > Your choice (you will get 2 points with the character of your choice > The kangaroo > Kiss her


Well, now that you have the Sunshine Love Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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