Pine Falls Walkthrough & Guide

Pine Falls Walkthrough

Are you looking for Pine Falls Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Pine Falls Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Pine Falls Walkthrough – Part 1

Version 0.1

1st choice: Milk please > [Milk Coffee] or Dark, no milk (no consequences)

2nd choice (requires [Milk Coffee]): Drink the coffee > [Pervy +1] or Don’t drink it (no consequences)

3rd choice: Keep looking > [Pervy +1] or Leave > [Romantic +1]


4th choice: Kiss her back > [Alice +1] & also [Romantic +1] or Push her away (no consequences)

5th choice: I want it  (scene) and also [Millie +1] or No, sorry (no consequences)

6th choice: Text : Miss you too > [Alice +1] or Put the phone away (no consequences)

Version 0.2

1st choice: I was staring, yes > [Pervy +1] or I was a jerk, sorry > [Romantic +1]

2nd choice: Stay and watch > [Punish +1], or Punish them yourself + I’m not done > [Punish +2] [Pervy +1], or Leave (no consequences)

3rd choice: You look beautiful > [Romantic +1] or You’re hot > [Pervy +1]

4th choice: I like you too! > [Alice +1] or There are so many girls here… (no consequences)

5th choice: Yes, let’s move things further > [scene with Alice] and also [Alice +1] or We should Slow down… (no consequences)

6th choice: Text : Lick > [Romantic +1] or Make her > [Pervy +1]

7th choice: Lick >[Romantic +1] and also [Alice +1] or Keep going (no consequences)

8th choice: Inside > [Pervy +1] or butt (no consequences)

9th choice: Go after her > [Mia +1] + Touch > [Pervy +1] or Kiss > [Romantic +1]. But you can also choose Leave her alone + Yes, please! > [Milk Coffee 2] [Millie +1]

Version 0.3

1st choice: We shouldn’t do this (no consequences) or Kiss her back [Scene with Grace] and also [Grace +1]

2nd choice: No thank you (no consequences) or I could eat > [Pervy +1]

3rd choice: I like someone > [Romantic +1] or The more, the better > [Pervy +1]

4th choice: I’ll watch! + Offer to clean [Pervy +3] [Lilly Kink] or I’ll look at the ground > [Romantic +1]

Version 0.4

1st choice: Just asking [Dress] and also [Alice +1] or I’d like to go with her > [Mia +1]

2nd choice: Dance with Grace > [Grace +1] or Dance with Alice > [Alice +1] or also Dance with Mia > [Mia +1]

3rd choice: Normal game > [Romantic +1] or Dirty game [Dirty Game] and also [Pervy +1]

4th choice (requires not [Dirty Game]): It’s true, I like Alice > [Alice +1] or I like Grace more > [Grace +1]

5th choice: Dare her to kiss Alice > [Pervy +1], or Dare her to undress > [Pervy +1] or also Dare her to kiss you > [Romantic +1] [Mia +1]

6th choice: Dare her to show her brea*sts > [Pervy +1] or Dare her to kiss Mia > [Pervy +1] or Dare her to kiss Alice > [Pervy +1] or also Dare her to kiss you > [Romantic +1] [Grace +1]

7th choice (requires not [Dirty Game]): How many boyfriends did you have? [Mia +2]

8th choice (requires [Scene with Alice]): Ok, let’s do this! > [Alice +1]

Version 0.5

1st choice: No, I should go (no consequences) or Tell me more, I’m interested. [Group] and also [Pervy +1]

2nd choice: I’ll do that, sure > [Romantic +1] or Both of you? That sounds good > [Pervy +1]

3rd choice: Let’s do it > [Millie +1] or No, this is not a good idea (no consequences)

If Romantic >= 8 and also Mia >= 4 you will get [Mia Pool] [Romantic +1] and also [Mia +1]

4th choice: It was hot! >[Pervy +1], or It was nice (no consequences), or It was perfect  > [Romantic +1] and also [Grace +1]

Version 0.6

1st choice (Requires Scene with Grace): Come here! > 2nd scene with Grace

2nd choice (Requires NOT Scene with Grace): Come here > Scene with Grace

3rd choice (Requires Scene with Alice): I’ll be right there  > 2nd scene with Grace. Then Insist you finish > [Pervy +1] or Leave (no consequences)

4th choice: No, I’m not going to do that (no consequences)
or I’ll put more than one in you > [April +1]

If Romantic >= 9 and also Mia >= 4 you will get [Mia +5]

Version 0.7

1st choice: Make up a great story  > (Scenes) [Prayer] [Pervy +1] or Come up with a way out of this > [Romantic +4]

2nd choice: Say yes > [Pervy +1] or Say no (no consequences)

3rd choice: Why not? (no consequences) or No, you’re not > [Romantic +1]

4th choice: Yes, I liked it > [Night Kink] and also [Pervy +1] or Not really (no consequences)

5th choice: Tell a romantic story >  [Story GF] and also [Romantic +1] or Tell a dirty story > [Pervy +1]

6th choice: Leave the bathroom (no consequences) or Propose a 3 [Alice & Grace]

Version 0.8

No choices but:

If Mia >= 8 you will get [Scene with Mia]

If you obtained [Alice & Grace], you will remove [Scene with Grace] and also [Scene with Alice]

Pine Falls Walkthrough – Part 2

Version 0.1

1st choice: Kinky girls…> [Pervy +1] or Nice girls… > [Romantic +1]

2nd choice: I joined them > [Alice & Grace Path] or I stormed out (no consequences)

3rd choice: We had a nice conversation (no consequences) or Things got really steamy… > [Mia +1]

4th choice: Some thugs beat me down > [Thugs] or I was in Pine Falls (no consequences)

5th choice: In a relationship with Alice > [Alice +1] or In a relationship with Grace > [Grace +1] or In a relationship with Alice and Grace > [Alice +1] and also [Grace +1] or No, I was with Mia only > [Mia =1]

6th choice (depends on your Pervy level): For an scene with Melissa choose Yes, be right there! or That sounds about right

7th choice: She’s hot, I would hit that > [Scene with Sister] or Push her away (no consequences)

Version 0.2

1st choice: I took part > [Ritual] or I left the prayer session (no consequences)

Pine Falls Walkthrough – Endings

Version 0.3

1st choice: Ok, I would like that > [Lily +1] or Stop it, it’s not happening (no consequences)

2nd choice (requires [Ritual]): with Linda > [Ritual 2]

Pine Falls Walkthrough – Grace Ending (requires Grace = 1 and also Mia = 0): Leave town (but it’s game over so save before)

Version 0.4

1st choice: Help Millie > [Millie Preg +1] or Refuse to help her (no consequences)

Pine Falls Walkthrough – Mia Ending (requires Mia = 1): Ask Mia what…? (but it’s game over so save before)

Pine Falls Walkthrough – Alice Ending (requires Alice = 1): Leave town (but it’s game over so save before)


Well, now that you have the Pine Falls Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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