Neko Paradise Walkthrough & Guide

Neko Paradise Walkthrough

Are you looking for Neko Paradise Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Neko Paradise Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the routes and in game collectibles.

Main Story

  1. Living Room > Evening
  2. Living Room > Morning
  3. Sleep after day 2
  4. Sleep after day 3
  5. Again sleep after day 5
  6. Living room > morning after day 7 > meet bera
  7. Sleep after day 9
  8. Visit the village at morning
  9. Sleep after day 15
  10. Market after day 20, midday – Last Event

Neko Paradise Walkthrough – Violet

  1. Breakfast with your family
  2. Kitchen > Morning (requires 3 points)
  3. Sleep (requires 6 points) – Last Event

Neko Paradise Walkthrough – Lily

  1. Lily needs a bath (2 points & morning time)
  2. Peek > Her room > Evening
  3. Bath > Morning (requires 6 points) > Pancakes
  4. Sleep (requires 8 points)
  5. Sleep (requires 10 points)
  6. Again Sleep (requires 13 points)
  7. Bath (requires 16 points)
  8. Bedroom > Evening (requires 18 points) – Last Event

Neko Paradise Walkthrough – Ash

  1. Morning > Kitchen
  2. Visit her (Farm > Morning or afternoon) after day 7
  3. Visit her (Farm > Evening) after day 13 (requires 3 points)
  4. Farm (7 points & midday) – Last Event

Neko Paradise Walkthrough – Chocomint

  1. Talk to Chocomint (Village morning or Lily’s room evening)
  2. 5 points & sleeping
  3. 7 points event
  4. Bath (requires 8 points)
  5. Get 16 points with Choco & 10 with Cream – Last event

Neko Paradise Walkthrough – Autumm

  1. Only Main story content

Neko Paradise Walkthrough – Cream

  1. Lily’s room Evening (requires 4 points)
  2. Living room morning (requires 7 points)
  3. Living room evening (requires 9 points)
  4. Again Living room evening (requires 10 points)
  5. Get 16 points with Choco & 10 with Cream – Last event

Neko Paradise Walkthrough – Bera

  1. After unlocked (after day 7) Living Room > Evening time
  2. Sleeping event
  3. Forest (morning /afternoon) > meet bera (3 points) – Last event

Neko Paradise Walkthrough – Marie

  1. Village after day 8 (morning time) – Last Event


  1. Check the map at night when available
  2. Sleep (requires 5 points) – Last Event


  1. After unlocked > Kitchen > afternoon > Livingroom (requires 2 points)
  2. Afternoon (requires 4 points) – Last event


  1. Cliff during the day
  2. Cliff > Evening – Last event


  1. Donate food at market (after unlock market)
  2. Keep donating fish during the day and check at night until you unlock all the scenes – Last event


  1. Beach evening
  2. Again beach evening, but requires 3 points
  3. Beach evening (requires 4 points) – Last Event


  1. Sleeping event (main story)


  1. Only Main story content

Wallpapers Locations

  1. Market: Below the door
  2. Bathroom: Below the toilet
  3. Kitchen: Below the clock
  4. Living room: above the closet
  5. Living room: Blue plant right side
  6. Livingroom: green plant left side
  7. Your room: right of the basket
  8. Your room: the picture
  9. Lily’s room: Picture right side
  10. Neko’s place: Among the trees
  11. Bera’s place: by the logs
  12. Farm: under the big house (better at night)

Relics Locations

  1. Living room: below the cushions
  2. Kitchen: Left side
  3. Your room: left of your desktopicture right side
  4. Lily’s room: Below the bed
  5. Farm: Right side
  6. Go fishing:
    1. 1st screen: left side
    2. 2nd screen: Middle
    3. Last screen: Middle
  7. Market: under the tree (better at night)


Well, now that you have the Neko Paradise Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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