My Pleasure Walkthrough And Guide

My Pleasure Walkthrough

Are you looking for My Pleasure Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you My Pleasure Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

My Pleasure Walkthrough – Day 1

  1. Peek
  2. Announce your (+ Julia Lu) OR pologize before (+ Julia Lo)
  3. Stare (+ Julia Lu)
  4. Nice We’ve (+ Lori Lo) OR Whisper in here (+ Barb Lo) OR Look at Julia (+ Julia Lu)
  5. Keep your attention on Lori (+ Lori Lo if you didn’t chose Julia in the previous one)
  6. Nice to meet you, Babs (+ Lori Lo) OR Nice to meet you, Barbara (+ Barb Lo)
  7. What can I do to change that? (+ Lori Lo & also +Barb Lo)
  8. BEHAVE! (+ Julia Lo)
  9. Same as Barb (+ Barb Lo) OR Same as Lori (+ Lori Lo)
  10. Answer (+ Barb Lo) OR Look at Lori (+ Lori Lo)  OR (best) Change > Confront (+ Lori Lo & + Barb Lu)
  11. You’re not that kind (+ Barb Lu)
  12. React for Lori (+ Lori Lo & + Barb Lu)
  13. Be honest
  14. Announce your (+ Julia Lo) OR Stare (+ Julia Lu)
  15. Want some help (+ Julia Lo) OR Just enjoy the view (+ Julia Lu)
  16. SAVE
  17. 9pm, I have an appointment with that window
  18. Carry her to her bed (+2 Julia Lo)

My Pleasure Walkthrough – Day 2

  1. Peek
  2. Keep peeking
  3. SAVE: New character, Daphne, decide the path for her from here
  4. Kiss her hand (+ Daphne Sub) OR Ignore and look at Julia (+ Daphne Dom)
  5. Sure! (+ Daphne Sub) OR Need some help (+ Daphne Dom & + Julia Lo)
  6. Julia Lotion Choices
    1. Lu: Side of the body near (+ Julia Lu) > Massage her A (+ Julia Lu)
    1. Lo: Legs > Ask First (+ Julia Lo) > Ask again (+ Julia Lo)
  7. Legs (+ Daphne Sub) OR Side of the body (+ Daphne Dom & + Julia Lo)
  8. (Sub path exclusive) Do it (+ Daphne Sub & + Julia Lu)
  9. Relive yourself
  10. Approach her
  11. Go check the pool (+ Julia Lu) OR Make some drinks (+ Julia Lo)
  12. Ask her what he does
  13. Peek
  14. Kiss her
  15. No rush (+ Lori Lu)
  16. Okay
  17. Rude (+ Barb Lu) OR Nide (+ Barb Lo)
  18. SAVE
  19. Sleep (only if you have the Elite version) OR Window

My Pleasure Walkthrough – Day 3

  1. (Julia’s Love path exclusive) Keep or Has (+ Julia Lo) BUT Invite (+ Julia Lu)
  2. Open
  3. Try to listen better
  4. So, this Haley…
  5. No, I will come with you (+ Julia Lu)
  6. Thanks (+ Julia Lu) OR No Need (+ Julia Lo)
  7. Are you going to cheat me with her?
  8. Try to guess the password
  9. Body or Complete Package (+ Julia Lu) OR Eyes or Smile (+ Julia Lo)
  10. It already catches my eye
  11. Peek
  12. Wake up OR keep sleeping, your choice

My Pleasure Walkthrough – Day 4

  1. Hey, Cassandra. About
  2. You’re right if we were
  3. . …I bet one of the programs
  4. I’m not proud of what I said
  5. I’d be happy to read (after these five choices + 2 Cass Love)
  6. Yes
  7. Kiss her on the shoulder
  8. Just keep watching
  9. Comfort her
  10. Not enough to (if in Julia’s Lu path) OR  I don’t know (if in Julia’s Lo path)
  11. Daphne scene
  12. I don’t want to talk (if in Julia’s Lu path) OR  Don’t worry (if in Julia’s Lo path)
  13. I really wouldn’t comment (if in Julia’s Lu path) OR  We can talk about it (if in Julia’s Lo path)

My Pleasure Walkthrough – Day 5

  1. Try to peek (only if in Julia’s Lu path) OR Keep listening
  2. Mas…. (only in you’re following our walkthrough and chose “Just keep watching” Day 4)
  3. I’m in
  4. Yes
  5. Yes, I’m thinking (+ Barb Lu) OR Why would I (+ Barb Lo)
  6. As long as it’s over (+ Barb Lu) OR I don’t focus on (+ Barb Lo)
  7. Barb choices:
    1. Lu path: Yes, it’s a good > Don’t worry (+3 Barb Lu) > Would you prefer
    2. Lo path: What I’m enjoying > Maybe the first (+3 Barb Lo) > I want to get to
  8. Got for it
  9. Yes

My Pleasure Walkthrough – Day 6

  1. Barb Lu path: Are you just sorry > Since that one was (+3 Barb Lu)
  2. Barb Lo path: Don’t worry about it > For a few minutes (+3 Barb Lo)
  3. Give me!
  4. Wait to see what she
  5. SAVE and choose Lori or Barb
    1. Barb: Ask her to take > Yes
    2. Lori: Sure > Yes

Day 7 Walkthrough

  1. Both (+2 Julia Lu)
  2. Scene > Your choice
  3. DON’T warn her
  4. I want to watch > Your choice
  5. Pool scene > your choice
  6. Stay > Stay
  7. I had nothing better (+ Haley Lu) OR Why not? (+ Haley Lo)
  8. HARD (+ Haley Lu) OR not hard (+ Haley Lo)
  9. Your nick choice
  10. HARD (+ Haley Lu) OR not hard (+ Haley Lo)
  11. Actually, I have an idea
  12. HARD (+ Haley Lu) OR not hard (+ Haley Lo)
  13. Take her home
  14. Sure
  15. Inside
  16. Your choice (convince or excuse)
  17. Sure, let’s go
  18. Your choice (Julia or Daphne)

Day 8 Walkthrough

  1. Yes
  2. I’m sure she’ fine
  3. Your choice
  4. Your choice
  5. And again your choice
  6. SAVE
  7. Left
  8. Yes
  9. Inside
  10. Right
  11. I would love to
  12. Yes. Of course
  13. If you’re ok with it let’s do it
  14. Yes to play, No to skip

Day 9 Walkthrough

  1. Your choice
  2. Look at Cassandra
  3. Massage (+ Cassandra Lu) OR Stop (+ Cassandra Lo)
  4. Damn H (+ Cassandra Lu) OR beautiful (+ Cassandra Lo)


Well, now that you have the My Pleasure Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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