Milfy City Caroline Walkthrough And Guide

Milfy City Caroline Walkthrough

Are you looking for Milfy City Caroline Walkthrough And Guide? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Milfy City Caroline Walkthrough And Guide. This game guide will help you progress in the game.

Also using this game guide you can score maximum points with Caroline in the game.

Milfy City Caroline – First Steps

  1. (morning) Meet her in her bedroom 3 consecutive days, the third one you will get a job
  2. (afternoon) Go to her shop and buy the camera she wants
  3. (afternoon) Go to her shop > white door > open the window > yes
  4. (same night) Go to her shop find the key to her bedroom, then go to her bedroom’s door, open it with the key and choose what ever you want

Some photos

  1. (afternoon) Go to her shop and take 6 photos
  2. (evening, after the 5th photo) Go to your bedroom and click on her, then, after thar but still in the evening, click on Violet / Caroline
  3. (morning) Meet her in her bedroom
  4. (evening, after the 6th photo) Go to her bedroom
  5. (morning) Wait her in your bedroom
  6. (morning) Go to her bedroom and choose whatever you want
  7. (afternoon) Go to her shop and take some photos
  8. (Night) Now you can choose Wake, do it and enjoy
  9. (evening) Talk to her in the living room until you don’t have more options
  10. (afternoon) Go to her shop, clean it (also inside the office) and talk to her
  11. (night) After the message (mobile) meet her in her bedroom
  12. (morning) Go to her bedroom
  13. (afternoon) Go to her shop, interact with the glass bottle (left shelves) and talk to her

Dark Alley

  1. (evening) Ask her about Violet in the living room (dark alley unlocked)
  2. (morning) Caroline will be in your bedroom, but if you don’t have 200 don’t click on her. She will come back the following mornings and you will just need 150, so go to earn some money if you need it
  3. (afternoon) Go to Dark Alley and meet Violet

Milfy City Caroline – Endings

  1. (evening) Go outside your house and enjoy with her
  2. (morning) At your bedroom (if you want to cancel the deal, click on her)
  3. (afternoon) Talk to her at her shop
  4. (morning) Go outside your house and click on her
  5. (morning) Go to her bedroom and enjoy
  6. (afternoon) Talk to her at her shop
  7. (afternoon) Go to dark alley and tell Violet Carolin wants to meet her
  8. (evening) Go to the kitchen and drink with Caroline
  9. (morning) Talk to her at her bedroom
  10. (afternoon) Go to her shop and take some photos
  11. (night) Go to her bedroom and click on her
  12. (afternoon) Meet her in her shop 2 consecutive days until you get a date

Weekend Event

  1. (Friday) Your bed > event with Caroline > click on the Nightclub > Caroline > Ebony girl > Charles > girl with blue top > whatever you want > choose 1st option when going home
  2. (afternoon) Talk to her at her shop
  3. (evening) Go to the her bedroom
  4. (Night) Go to her bedroom
  5. (Morning) Go to her bedroom and take the di*ldo
  6. (afternoon) Talk to her at her shop and choose the outfit
  7. (Night) Meet her at her bedroom
  8. (Morning) Meet her at her bedroom
  9. (afternoon) Go to her shop and choose the last outfit
  10. (Night) Use the Wake choice in her bedrrom
  11. (Morning) Once you wake up you will meet Caroline

Milfy City Caroline – V0.6b

  1. Morning > Caroline’s Bedroom
  2. Afternoon > Clothes shop
  3. Night > MC’s Bedroom > Bed > “Meet with Caroline.”
  4. Afternoon > Clothes shop
  5. Evening > Caroline’s Bedroom (green)
  6. Night > Caroline’s Bedroom (2x, optional scenes)
  7. Afternoon > Clothes shop > mingame (3x)
  8. Steal Necklace
  9. Afternoon > Clothes shop
  10. Night > Charles Home > Window (crowbar – Home>Garage)
  11. Night > Nightclub>Corridor> Security
  12. Nightclub > Cindy talk
  13. Morning > Map > Nightclub > Menu: Warehouse
  14. Steal “Pink box”
  15. Night > Nightclub > Cindy
  16. Nightclub > Security
  17. Next day Night > Nightclub > BossOffice
  18. Nightclub >Se*xroom > Cindy (optional)
  19. Morning/Afternoon > Charles Home (His last scene, optional)
  20. Afternoon > Clothes Shop
  21. Weekend Event (Last scene)


Well, now that you have the Milfy City Caroline Walkthrough And Guide, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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