Melody Walkthrough And Guide

Melody Walkthrough And Guide

Are you looking for Melody Walkthrough And Guide? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Melody Walkthrough And Guide. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 1

  • Your house: Take the case > Get out (don’t throw the vase) > Call Tim > Go to his house
  • Tim’s house: Find the key > Open the case > Put it back > Go to sleep > Phone call
  • Cafe: Showher the guitar > Say: She doesn’t look to old > Melody’s first guitar > Sympathize with Melody > Go to Tim’s Place
  • Tim’s House: Knock > Hug her or Kiss her (Doesn’t matter) > Stare at her > Let her continue (if you don’t want to close Isabella’s route) > scene during the evening > Check the mail > Open it
  • Your apartment: Open the door > Living Room > Start the lesson > Apologize (+1 Melody’s points) > take a bread > Salad  (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Outside: Agree (if you don’t want to close Rebecca’s route)

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 2

  • Your house: Open the door > show her your house > Offer help (if you don’t want to close the romantic Rebecca’s route)
  • Cafe (Rebecca’s route): Talk about job > about her relationships (very pretty and it’s in the past) > about the neighbourhod > Hug her
  • Your house: Door > Accept extra money > Tease her (+1 Melody’s points) > accept interview > Easy Lesson (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Car: Go with her (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Rebecca’s apartment (Rebecca’s route): Bell > Closer > Stop > Kiss
  • Your house: Turn around > Her hand > Close eyes > hand on shoulder > Ask her (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Lunch: Chicken Drumsticks (+1 Melody’s points) > About Amy > Trying to help (+1 Melody’s points) > about Work  (Truth and what you love) (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Club: Accept (+1 Melody’s points) > intervene (+1 Melody’s points) > hug (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Lunch (Amy): Music Lessons > Lie (+1 Melody’s points) and thank > Relationships (Love) > Town > Work (Cool)
  • Call: Say Something (+1 Melody’s points)

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 3

  • Your house: Go to Library
  • Library: Book for Melody (Easy) > Kiss Rebecca (her route)
  • Your house: Tease her (+1 Melody’s points), weekend > Clothing (of course) (+1 Melody’s points) > Lesson > Quiz (French horn, Harmonica, Maracas, Piccolo, Kazoo, Bassoon) (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Your house (Isabella’s route): Phone, accept (keep Isabella’s route)
  • Melody’s house: Door > compliment her (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Opera: Don’t put your hand (+1 Melody’s points) > Picture for Amy > Tease her > Kiss her (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Melody’s house: Call him > Carry her bed (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Your house: Phone > Don’t tell her the Truth
  • Rebecca’s apartment: Answers (Yes, Superb, Hobbies, Yes, Fun, Yes)
  • Your house Isabella’s route: Door > Kiss > Scene where you can choose anything you want
  • Your house: Help Melody (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Karaoke: Sake > Not bad (+1 Melody’s points) > anwers (Bridge, Silly man, master plan) (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Car: Understanding (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Melody’s house: Kiss Cheek (+1 Melody’s points)

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 4

  • Outside (Rebecca’s route): ask her if she is free this night
  • Your house: Door > Kiss her (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Your house: 6 Answers ( Feb 3rd 1959, Jake&Elwood, New York, Rock areound the clock, 1940s, Piano, Kiss her) But choose the easy book and Leave it (dont check her phone, you earn tons of (+ Melody’s points)
  • Library: Door > hold her hand > Kiss her….
  • Your apartment: Door > Hug her (+1 Melody’s points) > Tease her (+1 Melody’s points) > next room
  • Store: Smell > Smell her neck > Koko Shanel or Olympique (+2 Melody’s points) and also opens Amy Route.
  • Restaurant (Rebecca): About the place > previous date > last relationship > dream job > dance > grab her waist
  • Rebecca’s apartment: Scene
  • Steve’s dorm: Try Window > Open the message > door > Gina > hug her Grab her waist  (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Your house: Door > Compliment her  (+1 Melody’s points) > quiz (alta flute, calm, the fipple, 30 bc) > open the door, kiss her but don’t hug her  (+3Melody’s points)
  • Swimming pool: It’s ok
  • Restaurant: Get up > Amazing > compliment her  (+1 Melody’s points) >talk to Melody, then to Arnold and Amy > stand up > beside her > Calm her  (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Hotel: Kiss Mouth

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 5

  • Bed: Each choice has its own scene
  • Message: Yes (date with Amy), Busy (with Melody)
  • Your house: Kiss > Sheet 3 (+1 Melody’s points) > Cinema
  • Amy (lunch): Kiss twice and enjoy, but don’t tell her you don’t
  • Movie (Melody): Tease her  (+1 Melody’s points) > popcorn, then grab some (+1 Melody’s points) > never meant to be  (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Underground (Amy): You have it
  • Your house (Amy): Kiss > finish off the bottle of wine > each choice has its own scene
  • Your house: Kiss > Fix it  (+1 Melody’s points) > Cello (gran & play)
  • Sopha lesson: Massage shoulders > keep looking
  • Lunch: Turkey burguer (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Jazz: Compliment her  (+1 Melody’s points) > Ragtime & blues, behop, 1980s  (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Restaurant (Izzy): You will be fine
  • Your house: Scene with Isabella
  • Your house: Help her  (+1 Melody’s points) > her mother  (+1 Melody’s points) > compliment her  (+1 Melody’s points) > Movie > Accept  (+1 Melody’s points) > Evening kiss (+2 Melody’s points) > bed  (+1 Melody’s points) > Fix it  (+1 Melody’s points)

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 6

  • Your house: Wake her and be honest (+2 Melody’s points) > Enjoy > don’t tell her
  • Supermarket: Fruit and veggies (funny reply, another joke, but not a dirty joke) (+2 Melody’s points) > bread & juice
  • Breakfast: Tease her (+1 Melody’s points) > Truth
  • Spa: Compliment her (+1 Melody’s points) > Kindly refuse (+1 Melody’s points) > agree
  • Video call: Say something
  • Your house: Reveive a foto > Rebeca > Hug Melody, tease her (+2 Melody’s points) > Kiss Sophia
  • Becca’s room: Offer to leave > scene
  • Movies: Truth > Kiss > her apartment > scene
  • Sophia’s place: Let her continue
  • Club: Song 2 > accept (+2 Melody’s points) > yeah i do (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Sophia’s: Singing > Yes, of course (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Party: Left of Melody (+1 Melody’s points) > Kiss > Tongue (+3 Melody’s points)
  • Car (recommended Save Point): Let her stay over (focuss on melody path) or Drop her home (mini scene at the car, but dangerous path)

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 7

  • Your house: Remove your hand > bacon & scramble eggs > tell her how you feel  (+7 Melody’s points) > if you choose Let her down easy you will become her friend, and you can focuss in other girls
  • Your house (Xianne): Agree > hug, kiss
  • Bike: Quicker (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Studio: Piano (if Melody didn’t meet frank) or Singing (if Melody Met Frank), both of them (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Dinner: Tell her (+1 Melody’s points) > Scene, but grab her hip
  • Her room: choose Older music (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Her College: Don’t kiss her
  • Shopping: Outfit 3 (+3 Melody’s points)
  • Park: Chocolate & Serviette (+3 Melody’s points)
  • Amy: Enjoy
  • Jazz: It suits her (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Dinner (Amy): Grab what you want, but Seafood Platter > scene
  • Melody & Sophia: Praise them (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Melody: Door > It’s perfect (+1 Melody’s points) > Champagne (+2 Melody’s points) > Future, Dating > Answer it (+2 Melody’s points) > Something else, Stargazing ans kiss her (+5 Melody’s points)
  • Hotel: Go for it, cup her… and dont’s kiss (+8 Melody’s points)

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 8

  • Your house: Offer her clothes, no need to apologise, massage one foot and the other, kiss and cup her (+5 Melody’s points)
  • Hotel: Let her (+3 Melody’s points)
  • Lunch: Touring > her future > kiss (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Fussball: Attack (+2 Melody’s points) > Dial > Answer > Hand her
  • Apartment: Scene
  • Rebecca: Scene
  • Bethany: If you kiss her on the cheek (-5 Melody’s points)
  • Becca: Door, Kiss, How you feel > Scene
  • Xianne: Massage
  • Beca: Door, Something else > scene
  • Grab Melody’s phone
  • Gym: Kiss (+1 Melody’s points)
  • Rock’n’roll: Leith (+4 Melody’s points), risk it (+2 Melody’s points), insist and massage (+3 Melody’s points)
  • Apartment: Ignore all distractions (+3 Melody’s points)
  • Metro Theatre: We are a team (+5 Melody’s points)
  • Scene with Melody

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 9

  • Scene with Melody
  • Breakfast: A surprise (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Tivoli theatre: Scene
  • Outside: Don’t choose No, Not really
  • Sophia’s house
  • Aquarium: You will (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Koko: Portrait (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Xianne: Let her continue
  • Becca
  • Sharp Records: Sign the contract, i feel the same and grab what you want (+10 Melody’s points)
  • Amy: Scene > We will make it work > scene
  • Film night on Campus (recommended save point): All for casual or just be friends have very different paths
  • Lunch: Ask her and Praise him (+7 Melody’s points)
  • Dinner: Yeah i did and Convince her (+4 Melody’s points)
  • Apartment: Scene, but make sure to take her che*rry

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 10

  • Bed: Grab…and talk about last night (+4 Melody’s points)
  • Shower: Keep going (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Beca path: no key choices, just play
  • Record store: Kiss, Truth about vinyl collectors, Kiss, you know it and kiss (+5 Melody’s points)
  • Ace of spades (Becca): Don’t break up, kiss her > scene
  • Lunch (Melody): all in the mind (+2 Melody’s points) > kiss, Top #3 (+3 Melody’s points) > rock star (+5 Melody’s points) > scene
  • Melody & Amy: If you are in Amy & Melody paths will end bad, but if you are in Amy’s path and Melody is just your friend > Scene
  • Sophia: Lyrics (+3 Melody’s points). You can close Sophia’s path to get a better ending with Melody (Refuse) or not (Accept
  • Xianne: Continue, of course
  • Melody: You will be fine, Excepcional, kiss, control and Miss…(+11 Melody’s points)

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 11

  • Dorm room: Scene, but “She is right and she could be a help for (+4 Melody’s points)
  • Record label: Reassure her and hold her tight for (+4 Melody’s points)
  • Bedroom: Feet (+3 Melody’s points) > scene
  • Shower: Okay and Mouth (+3 Melody’s points)
  • Hank: Say what’s on your mind and one moment…(+4 Melody’s points)
  • Bethany and Steve ( Sophia and Melody path): Say nothing (+5 Melody’s points)
  • Scene
  • Record store: Answer for melody (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Scene (Sophia path)
  • Melody: Clever, Dayum and your duty (+7 Melody’s points)
  • Hotel: Accept (+2 Melody’s points)> scene

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 12

  • Piano scene (over the piano)  (+5 Melody’s points), Bethany, Your future, Kiss her (+2 Melody’s points), Kiss her (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Melody & Sophia Path: As about her, about melody, Melody, Sophia
    • If you are seeing both: 2 scenes, but drop sophia first (+5 Melody’s points)
    • If you are seeing Sophia (melody friend): 1 scene
    • Seeing Melody (Sophia friend): 1 scene and  (+5 Melody’s points)
    • Not seeing them: Nothing
  • Sophia: Scene
  • Melody: Tell the truth > inside
  • Breakfast: You are right (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Radio: Dating game, bryan, smart answer and really great (+8 Melody’s points)
  • Massage: 4 possible scenes depending on your choices
  • Dinner: Give her the keys and pick her up (+4 Melody’s points)
  • Bedroom: Inside (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Sophia and Xianne path: Scene
  • Melody & Sophia path: different scenes depending on your previous choices, but if you can choose “Next to Nothing”, do it (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Isabella (if you are in her path): Scene
  • Amy (if you are in her path): Ending
  • Rebecca (if you are in her path): Ending

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 13

  • Dinner (rooftop): She called me, tell her about the…, suck on…(+6 Melody’s points)
  • Record studio: more than love, take it slowly, offer to fill in, Lemnocks and 80% (+10 Melody’s points)
  • Quiz: Midget Handj*ob, Frank Beard, Cold Water, Suite 19 and B (+5 Melody’s points) + Scene
  • Shower: Kiss (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Amy: Tell her (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Massage: Scene depending on your previous choices
  • Alleyway: Take it out, Sophia from behind
  • Show: Take the lead (+5 Melody’s points)
  • Swimming pool: Pool bomb, stand up, behind
  • Sophia & Melody path: choose one of them

Melody Walkthrough And Guide – Week 14

Melody Path

  • Bedroom: Caress her hair (+2 Melody’s points), choose what you want but Pull Out (+3 Melody’s points)
  • Breakfast: any choice (+2 Melody’s points), but do it Outside (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Park: her music > Yeah you should (+2 Melody’s points), the truth > I’d advise against it (+2 Melody’s points)
  • Hotel room: Decide against it (+5 Melody’s points) and Wait and see (+5 Melody’s points)
  • Lunch: I sure did (+2 Melody’s points)

Melody & Sophia Path

  • Hotel room: Just don’t choose dogg

Melody, Xianne & Sophia Path

  • Hotel room: Just don’t …inside

How to get the Best Ending

  • Obtain the 7 Keys or get at least 385 Melody points
  • Be only on the Melody path (all other paths should be Locked
  • Not get Melody pregnant


Well, now that you have the Melody Walkthrough And Guide, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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