Ikemen Sengoku Yukimura Sanada Walkthrough

Ikemen Sengoku Yukimura Sanada Walkthrough

Are you looking for Ikemen Sengoku Yukimura Sanada Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Ikemen Sengoku Yukimura Sanada Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can score maximum points.

Ikemen Sengoku Yukimura Sanada Walkthrough

In the game you will come across two walkthrough. Those are Romantic & Dramatic. If you complete both of them, you will get an extra voice over.

Romantic Yukimura Sanada Walkthrough & Ending

Chapter 1:

  • Part 2: (He was a bit rough.)
  • Love Challenge: Required 100+, Prize = Eyes Matching Yukimura (+30 Beauty)
  • Part 6: That was weird!

Chapter 2:


(on your 2nd run you can read the first part)

  • Part 4: Not really
  • Part 6: Maybe we could–
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Light Yellow Kimono (+50 Beauty) 300 coins, Normal: Peach Spring Kimono (+20 Beauty) 150 coins/3500 Gold

Chapter 3:

  • Part 1: I eat plenty
  • Part 9: Always sooo snarky
  • Love Challenge: Required 2500+, Prize = Peony Blossom Charm (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 4:

  • Part 2: Someday–
  • Part 9: I can’t do that

Chapter 5:

(on your 2nd run you can read the first part)

  • Part 2: It’s a secret
  • Part 6: Y-Yep

Chapter 6:

  • Part 3: Thank you
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Ginger Wavy Hair (+80 Beauty) 400 coins, Normal: Simple Cute Bun (+25 Beauty) 150 coins/5000 Gold
  • Part 8: (I have more to protect.)

Chapter 7:

(on your 2nd run you can read the first part)

  • Part 4: Names don’t matter!
  • Part 7: I wasn’t crying

Chapter 8:

  • Part 1: Bring me.
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Fuchia Accessory Set (+100 Beauty) 500 coins, Normal: Orange Accessory Set (+40 Beauty) 250 coins/6000 Gold
  • Part 9: Is Yuki like that?

Chapter 9:

  • Part 4: Go after him silently
  • Love Challenge: Red-tinted Parasol (+30 Beauty)
  • Part 6: I don’t mind

Chapter 10

  • Part 2: I’ll do it.
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Glamorous Red Kimono (+180 Beauty) 600 coins, Normal: Magenta Accented Kimono (+100 Beauty) 350 coins/8500 Gold
  • Part 6: I’m sorry!

Dramatic Yukimura Sanada Walkthrough & Ending

Chapter 11:

  • Part 4: How are you?
  • Part 6: I missed you, too

Chapter 12:

  • Part 3: Yes
  • Love Challenge: Required 13500+, Prize = Muramasa (+60 Beauty)
  • Part 8: Sorry

Chapter 13:

  • Part 1: Take one last look
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Festive Temari Kimono (+180 Beauty) 900 coins, Normal: Raspberry Blooms Kimono (+100 Beauty) 500 coins/20000 Gold
  • Part 6: Place hand in his


  • Part 3: I can say goodnight

Romantic Yukimura Sanada Ending

  • 11 Chapter: 4th part > How are you?– & 6th part > Look at my perspective
  • 12 Chapter: 4th part > Okay, Love challenge > Required 13500+, Prize = Screen (+60 Beauty), and 9th part > Thank you for coming
  • 13 Chapter: 2nd part > Do you have to ask?, Love Challenge, and 9th part > A little
  • Epilogue: 1st part > I like seeing you sleep

Yukimura Sanada Eternal Route

Requires to complete both (Romantic & Dramatic) routes previously

11 Chapter 11: 1st choice & 2nd choice

12 Chapter 12: 3rd choice, Love Challenge & 3rd choice

13 Chapter 13: 2nd choice, love challenge & 2nd choice

Epilogue: 2nd choice


Well, now that you have the Ikemen Sengoku Yukimura Sanada Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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