Ikemen Sengoku Nobunaga Oda Walkthrough

Ikemen Sengoku Nobunaga Oda Walkthrough

Are you looking for Ikemen Sengoku Nobunaga Oda Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Ikemen Sengoku Nobunaga Oda Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can score maximum points.

Ikemen Sengoku Nobunaga Oda Walkthrough

In the game you will come across two walkthrough. Those are Romantic & Dramatic. If you complete both of them, you will get an extra voice over.

Romantic Nobunaga Oda Walkthrough & Ending

Chapter 1:

  • Part 4: I’m not doing this
  • Love Challenge: Required 100+, Prize = Eyes Matching Nobunaga’s (+30 Beauty)
  • Part 6: You can’t make me

Chapter 2:


(on your 2nd run you can read the first part)

  • Part 1: Keep your hands off
  • Part 6: Don’t tell him
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Indigo Peony Kimono (+50 Beauty) 300 coins, Normal: Lime Green Kimono (+20 Beauty) 150 coins/3500 Gold

Chapter 3:

  • Part 4: Too bad!
  • Part 9: All right.
  • Love Challenge: Required 2500+, Prize = Blossoming Earrings (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 4:

  • Part 1: Glare
  • Part 9: I have nothing to say

Chapter 5:

(on your 2nd run you can read the first part)

  • Part 4: No you don’t
  • Part 7: I’m not your pillow

Chapter 6:

  • Part 3: You got me
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Side-swept Flowing Locks (+80 Beauty) 400 coins, Normal: Windswept Wavy Bob (+25 Beauty) 150 coins/5000 Gold
  • Part 6: I won’t sleep with you

Chapter 7:

(on your 2nd run you can read the first part)

  • Part 2: Everyone is looking
  • Part 9: I’m all right. But–

Chapter 8:

  • Part 1: You have it wrong
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Lace Shawl and Geta (+100 Beauty) 500 coins, Normal: Lavendar Shawl and Geta (+40 Beauty) 250 coins/6000 Gold
  • Part 9: Nice weather today

Chapter 9:

  • Part 3: Are you still Nobunaga?
  • Love Challenge: Flowering Fan (+30 Beauty)
  • Part 8: (We’ll make it through this.)

Chapter 10

  • Part 1: Why now?
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Red and Gold Kimono Set (+180 Beauty) 600 coins, Normal: Lovely Lilac Kimono Set (+100 Beauty) 350 coins/8500 Gold
  • Part 6: You’re warm

Dramatic Nobunaga Oda Walkthrough & Ending

Chapter 11:

  • Part 2: Keep that promise!
  • Part 9: May he come back soon

Chapter 12:

  • Part 4: (He’s back safe.)
  • Love Challenge: Required 13500+, Prize = Haguro (+60 Beauty)
  • Part 8: Sit side by side

Chapter 13:

  • Part 1: Wait!
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Spider Lily Kimono Set (+50 Beauty) 900 coins, Normal: Purples Rose Kimono Set (+20 Beauty) 500 coins/20000 Gold
  • Part 9: And if I said yes?


  • Part 4: Touch his hand

Romantic Nobunaga Oda Ending

  • 11 Chapter: 3rd part > Not for that, but– & 6th part > Don’t show anyone else
  • 12 Chapter: 2nd part > Tell me your feelings, Love challenge > Required 13500+, Prize = Ebony Decorated Drawer (+60 Beauty), and 9th part > He’s always been strong
  • 13 Chapter: 4th part > I thought you’d change, Love Challenge, and 9th part > Of course not!
  • Epilogue: 3rd part > I think it’s this guy–

Nobunaga Oda Eternal Route

Requires to complete both (Romantic & Dramatic) routes previously

Chapter 11:

  • Part 4: Do you see a goban?
  • Part 9: Examine him

Chapter 12:

  • Part 4: We leave together!
  • Love Challenge: Required 13500+, Prize = Elegant Golden Rug (+60 Beauty)
  • Part 6: (This is all they can do.)

Chapter 13:

  • Part 3: Do you want it to hurt?
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Deep Violet Kimono with Peonies (+180 Beauty) 900 coins, Normal: Forest Black Kimono with Red Flowers (+100 Beauty) 500 coins/20000 Gold
  • Part 6: (…From YOU!)


  • Part 4: (…This is for you.)


Well, now that you have the Ikemen Sengoku Nobunaga Oda Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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