Ikemen Sengoku Mitsunari Ishida Walkthrough

Ikemen Sengoku Mitsunari Ishida Walkthrough

Are you looking for Ikemen Sengoku Mitsunari Ishida Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Ikemen Sengoku Mitsunari Ishida Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can score maximum points.

Ikemen Sengoku Mitsunari Ishida Walkthrough

In the game you will come across two walkthrough. Those are Romantic & Dramatic. If you complete both of them, you will get an extra voice over.

Romantic Mitsunari Ishida Walkthrough & Ending

Chapter 1:

  • Part 4: I am not a cat
  • Love Challenge: Required 100+, Prize = Eyes Matching Mitsunari (+30 Beauty)
  • Part 7: Carrots for lunch!

Chapter 2:


(on your 2nd run you can read the first part)

  • Part 2: They are so nutritious!
  • Part 6: Give a friendly warning
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Blossoming Pastel Purple Kimono (+50 Beauty) 300 Coins, Normal: Simple Red Kimono (+20 Beauty) 3500 Gold

Chapter 3:

  • Part 3: I’m in your hands
  • Part 6: Ikemen in looks only
  • Love Challenge: Required 2500+, Prize = Light Purple Glass Earrings (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 4:

  • Part 1: Thank you
  • Part 9: Be careful

Chapter 5:

(on your 2nd run you can read the first part)

  • Part 3: Ask what he’d like
  • Part 8: Eating is better

Chapter 6:

  • Part 4: Say it’s your makeup
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Ombre Wavy Hair with Side Braid (+80 Beauty) 400 Coins Normal: Neat Golden Ponytail (+25 Beauty) 5000 Gold
  • Part 6: (Is he sick?)

Chapter 7:

(on your 2nd run you can read the first part)

  • Part 2: I’m still happy
  • Part 7: And how about you?

Chapter 8:

  • Part 1: I’ll take care
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Pale Purple Haori and Geta (+80 Beauty) 500 Coins Normal: Green Haori and Geta (+25 Beauty) 6000 Gold
  • Part 6: I’d like that, but…

Chapter 9:

  • Part 4: A genius
  • Love Challenge: Required 6000+, Prize = Lovely NoteBook (+30 Beauty)
  • Part 8: Not yet, but–

Chapter 10

  • Part 4: Are you okay?
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Chic and Elegant Violet Outing Set (+80 Beauty) 600 Coins, Normal: Yellow and Pink Gradient Kimono (+25 Beauty) 8500 Gold
  • Part 6: I’d like to talk.

Dramatic Mitsunari Ishida Walkthrough & Ending

Chapter 11:

  • Part 1: How are you?
  • Part 6: Thank you

Chapter 12:

  • Part 4: Let’s go
  • Love Challenge: Required 13500+, Prize = Kitty (+30 Beauty)
  • Part 9: I’m sorry

Chapter 13:

  • Part 3: 3rd choice
  • Love Challenge > Premium: Light Purple Kimono Set (+80 Beauty) 900 Coins Normal: Crimson Pattern Kimono Set (+25 Beauty) 20000 Gold
  • Part 9: 3rd choice


  • Part 4: 3rd choice

Romantic Mitsunari Ishida Ending

  • 11 Chapter: 4th part > That’s nice of you & 6th part > That felt pretty good
  • 12 Chapter: 2nd part > Sounds like a problem, Love challenge > Required 13500+, Prize = Teacup Shelf (+30 Beauty) , and 7th part > I didn’t realize…”
  • 13 Chapter: 3rd part > I only kiss Mitsunari, Love Challenge, and 7th part > You’re the cute one!
  • Epilogue: 4th part > It’s a simple dish


Well, now that you have the Ikemen Sengoku Mitsunari Ishida Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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