Ikemen Revolution Lancelot Kingsley Walkthrough

Ikemen Revolution Lancelot Kingsley Walkthrough

Are you looking for Ikemen Revolution Lancelot Kingsley Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Ikemen Revolution Lancelot Kingsley Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Ikemen Revolution Lancelot Kingsley Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Any Choice

Chapter 2:

  • Choice: You’ll never collar me!
  • Love Challenge: Required > 100+ Intimacy, Prize > Lancelot-colored Ruby Eyes (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 3:

  • Choice: That can’t be!
  • Side Story: Requires 3 Keys to His Heart

Chapter 4:

  • Choice: Fall to knees
  • Love Challenge: Premium >Classy Red Top (+60 Beauty) 300 Magic Stones, Normal: Pretty Flowered Skirt (+30 Beauty) 3000 Lin

Chapter 5:

  • Choice: Because I’m happy

Chapter 6:

  • Choice: No

Chapter 7:

  • Choice: I won’t move
  • Love Challenge: Required > 2500+ Intimacy, Prize > White Rose Hair Decoration (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 8:

  • Choice: I’m still worried

Chapter 9:

  • Choice: I can’t say
  • Side Story: Requires to read two endings – 3 Keys to His Heart

Chapter 10:

  • Choice: Sorry
  • Love Challenge: Premium > Wavy Blonde Hair (+80 Beauty) 400 Magic Stones, Normal: Brunette Ponytail (+30 Beauty) 4500 Lin

Chapter 11 – 27 Walkthrough

Chapter 11:

  • Choice: That’s too harsh

Chapter 12:

  • Choice: Why are you smiling?
  • Love Challenge: Required > 4000+ Intimacy, Prize > Handheld Hourglass  (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 13:

  • Choice: You’re right

Chapter 14:

  • Choice: I’ll be gentle

Chapter 15:

  • Choice: He’s not a beast
  • Love Challenge: Premium > Red Parasol and Shoes (+100 Beauty) 500 Magic Stones, Normal: Umbrella and Shoes (+50 Beauty) 6000 Lin

Chapter 16:

  • Choice: I can handle myself

Chapter 17:

  • Choice: I can’t watch anymore!
  • Love Challenge: Required > 7500+ Intimacy, Prize > Lancelot’s Pet, Shine (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 18:

  • Choice: Take his hand

Chapter 19:

  • Choice: I’ll help you think

Chapter 20:

  • Choice: I want to see the king
  • Love Challenge: Premium > One Piece (+120 Beauty) 600 Magic Stones, Normal: Dress (+70 Beauty) 8500 Lin

Chapter 21:

  • Choice: Talk about Jonah

Chapter 22:

  • Choice: Tell me
  • Love Challenge: Required > 14000+ Intimacy, Prize > Rose-Patterned Table & Chair (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 23:

  • Choice: You’re not mistaken
  • Side Story: Requires to read two endings – 3 key or 300 diamonds

Chapter 24:

  • Choice: it’s the only way

Chapter 25:

  • Choice: You’re warm

Chapter 26:

  • Choice: That’s why I’m alive?
  • Love Challenge: Premium > White Rose Dress Set (+180 Beauty) 900 Magic Stones, Normal: Mermaid Dress Set (+100 Beauty) 22000 Lin

Ikemen Revolution Lancelot Kingsley Walkthrough – Romantic & Dramatic Ending

Chapter 27 – Romantic Ending:

  • Choice: I exaggerated
  • Side Story: Requires 3 Keys to His Heart

Chapter 27 – Dramatic Ending:

  • Choice: Thank you
  • Side Story: Requires 3 Keys to His Heart


Well, now that you have the Ikemen Revolution Lancelot Kingsley Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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