Halfway House Walkthrough

Halfway House Walkthrough

Are you looking for Halfway House Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Halfway House Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Halfway House Walkthrough – Episode 1

Halfway House Walkthrough Episode 1:

  1. With all your experience, I’d rather hear it from you > +2 Monroe FP
  2. Tell me about the woman who runs the place > +1 Monroe FP
  3. “It’s cool man, You look just fine > +2 Monroe FP
  4. Maybe I should kiss her on the cheek too? > +2 Monroe FP
  5. Aww what the hell, I should give the man a hug! > +3 Monroe FP
  6. Gulp! Check out dat a**! > +2 Samantha CP
  7. Kitchen choice:
    1. This bit*ch is getting on my nerves. F**k apologizing! > Corruption Path
    2. Try to apologize again and hope for the best > +4 Emily FP > Friendship Path
  8. Ummm, your bu*tt? > +3 Samantha CP
  9. This is nice, i don’t want to let go
  10. I wanna try grabbing…
  11. I just have to get a feel for dat as*s! > +5 Samantha CP
  12. Bathroom scene > +10 Ashley CP
  13. Dinner Choice:
    1. Unvarnished Truth: Tell her every detail > Ashley Scene
    2. Half Truth: Just omit the lewd parts > Emily Scene
  14. I’d enjoy it more if it were you though > +2 Emily CP
  15. Bathroom scene > +10 Ashley CP
  16. I’m with Ashley, that bunch deserved it > +2 Emily FP
  17. I was wondering if you maybe want some help? > CP or LP Chances later
  18. Looking at you…
  19. Washing Dishes choice:
    1. In fact, I’ll ogle your bo*bs anytime you like > +2 Emily CP
    2. Trust me, you’re a cute girl. And nice to boot > +3 Emily FP
  20. Let’s go fix this s**t
  21. Knock on the door > +1 Emily CP
  22. Tell her exactly what I think > +1 Emily CP and also +3 Emily FP
  23. +5 Luis FP

Halfway House Walkthrough – Episode 2

  1. Complete Ashley Scene > +10 Ashley CP
  2. Tease her a bit > +2 Emily CP
  3. That’s sweet. Tease her a bit more > +2 Emily FP
  4. Kithen scene:
    1. Compliment or tease her (requires ashley scene) > Emily 2 CP and also 2 FP
    2. Flirt back a little (requires Samantha CPs high) > +2 Samantha Cp
  5. Shower scene: Requires Ashley scene
  6. What’s not to like > +2 Samantha Cp
  7. Samantha drive scene > +2 Samantha Cp

Halfway House Walkthrough – Episode 3

  1. Nothing, just enjoying your soft hands > Opens kuneda Path
  2. Make sure you wear something sexy!
  3. God himself wouldn’t be able to ignore that s**t! > +2 Samantha CP
  4. Nudge her feet with my toes > +2 Samantha CP
  5. Oh nooo!, Lemme think! YES, I’m pressing charges!
  6. Go see Hollis > choose any, choose any, but the last choice > Fine! You win, We’re cool
  7. +2 Ahsley CP: Requires Ashley Scene
  8. Emily, it’s kinda hard to eat like this > +2 Emily FP
  9. Ha, ha. Can’t pass this chance up! > +2 Emily CP
  10. Gotta admit that I do > +2 Emily FP

Episode 4

Halfway House Walkthrough Episode 4:

  1. Give her the blanket > +2 Emily FP
  2. Stop her strap from falling > +2 Emily FP
  3. Bathroom choice (requires max CP or lot of FP)
    1. Turn my cheek to her > +2 Emily FP
    2. Face her at the last second so I can catch her on the lips! > +2 Emily CP
  4. F**k it! Grab them bo*bies! (requires Ashley Scene) > +2 Ashley CP
  5. How about showing me a view from the back again? > Don’t quit the scene > +4 Samantha CP  and also +2 Emily Cp

Episode 5

Halfway House Walkthrough Episode 5:

  1. Yeah… the big lunk can wait a bit > +2 Luis FP
  2. I’m sure I can trust Luis not to judge me > +2 Luis FP
  3. Go inside and check
  4. Convince her > +2 Samantha CP
  5. Living Room Scene (requires Ashley Scenes) > Stare at it
    1. Choose Emily > +2 Emily CP > Ashley New Scene
    2. Choose Ashley > +2 Ashley CP > Ashley New Scene


Well, now that you have the Halfway House Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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