Freeloading Family Walkthrough & Guide

Freeloading Family Walkthrough

Are you looking for Freeloading Family Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Freeloading Family Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 1

1st choice: Looking at your necklace > (+1 pacifism) or Wondering what cup size you are > (+1 perv)

2nd choice: It’s okay so far > (+1 pacifism) or I can’t believe how sexy is the girls here are > (+1 perversion)

3rd choice: No, that’s a bad idea > (+1 pacifism) or Hell yes +  Check it out > (+2 perversion)


Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 2

1st choice: Fap quickly > (+1 sispervbro) or Look at Phone Again > (+2 sispervbro)

2nd choice: Yes > (+1 pacifism) or No > (+1 perversion)

3rd choice: Yeah, another detention > (+1 perversion) or No, she wants to give me something. (+1 pacifism)

4th choice: Don’t Touch > (+1 pacifism) or Touch > (+1 perversion)

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 3

1st choice: Stay > [BathShare] or Leave (no consequences)

2nd choice: Actually, yeah > (+1 perversion) or No, something else > (+1 pacifism)

3rd choice: Speak up > (+1 perversion) or Let the fight > (+1 pacifism)

4th choice: Don’t sneak > (+1 pacifism) or Sneak and eavesdrop > (+1 perversion)

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 4

1st choice: Stay > [BathShare] or Leave (no consequences)

2nd choice: Actually, yeah > (+1 perversion) or No, something else > (+1 pacifism)

3rd choice: Speak up > (+1 perversion) or Let the fight > (+1 pacifism)

4th choice:

  1. Wake her > (+1 pacifism), then o Of course I watched > (+1 perversion) and also (+1 sispervbro) or I was looking at something else > (+1 pacifism)
  2. Touch her > (+1 perversion), then o Keep going > (+1 perversion) and also (+2 sispervbro)
    o Stop (no consequences)
  3. Go back to sleep > (+2 pacifism)

5th choice: Ok + B > [Panty] or No thanks > (+1 pacifism)

6th choice: Tell her to prove it > (+1 perversion) or  Change the topic (+1 pacifism)

7th choice: Stay home with the girls (+1 pacifism) or Go see Melody > (+1 perversion)

8th choice: Actually I saw some pictures… > (+1 perversion) or  Say nothing > (+1 pacifism)

9th choice: Yes! > (+1 perversion)or I don’t know… +  No > (+3 pacifism)

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 5

1st choice: A bottle of whiskey > [Whiskey] and also (+1 sispervbro) or No thanks, I won’t be drinking tonight > (+1 pacifism)

2nd choice:

  1. Truth: Answer [Truth] or Refuse (+1 pacifism)
  2. Dare: o Do it [Dare] or Refuse (+1 pacifism)

3rd choice:

  1. Alice: Flash  (+2 perversion) or Get a bottle to spin (+1 perversion) or also Post an ugly picture online (+1 pacifism)
  2. Leah + Dare: o Send a selfie to a random number [Selfie] or Suck on your own toe (+1 pacifism)

4th choice: Choose what you want

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 6

1st choice: Tell her everything (+2 perversion) or Keep some of it secret (+2 pacifism)

2nd choice: if you have more pacifism points > Spook, if not > Smack

3rd choice: if you have more pacifism points > Wait, if not > Go

4th choice: Let’s stay together > (+1 Dinner Point) or Wait for her here

5th choice: Wait a minute > (+1 Dinner Point) or Yes

6th choice: if you have more pacifism points > Don’t change, if not > Add a pinch

7th choice: Grab candles > (+1 Dinner Point) or Turn on music

8th choice: if you have more pacifism points > Tell her how you feel, if not > Let her continue

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 7

1st choice: there are 2 paths depending on your fetish

  1. Hand: Yes (+1 perversion) or No
  2. Foot: No way! (+1 pacifism) or What could I have done?

2nd choice: Nothing! (+1 pacifism) or We’re hooking up after classes

3rd choice: It’s not what it looks like (+1 pacifism) or Like this is really a surprise? (+1 perversion)

4th choice: I always get home this late (+1 pacifism) or I saw Susan after class (+1 perversion)

5th choice: Is that all? (+1 perversion) or I’d be happy to (+1 pacifism)

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 8

1st choice: Wait until she’s done (+1 pacifism) or Join Alice in the shower (+1 perversion)

2nd choice: Wait until she’s done (+1 pacifism) or Go to the bathroom (+1 perversion)

3rd choice: Go back to your room (+1 pacifism) or Enter (+1 perversion)

4th choice: Are you sure this is ok? (+1 pacifism) or Yeah, I’m coming in (+1 perversion)

5th choice: Kiss her (+1 perversion) or Talk more (+1 pacifism)

6th choice: Ask her for a kiss (+1 pacifism) or Kiss her (+1 perversion)

7th choice: Oh it will (+1 perversion) or I can only hope, but I don’t want to assume anything (+1 pacifism)

8th choice: Do you like the real thing better? (+1 perversion) or You’ve clearly already learned a lot then (+1 pacifism)

9th choice: Are you glad it’s me you’re doing this with? (+1 pacifism) or I can’t wait to do this to you again (+1 perversion)

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 9

1st choice: Offer your assistance (+1 perversion) or Hope no one says your name (+1 pacifism)

2nd choice:

  1. More pacifism points:  I’ll do it! (+1 perversion) or How about I just (+1 pacifism)
  2. More perv points: Are you sure about? (+1 perversion) or I’d be happy to provide this service

3rd choice: if Inside > Apologize (+1 pacifism) or I had a good time (+1 perversion)

4th choice:

  1. More pacifism points: Why don’t we find out? + Yes
  2. More perv points: Yes + Yes

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 10

1st choice: Stare at her chest (+1 perversion) or Don’t stare (+1 pacifism)

2nd choice: Hug her (+1 sispervbro) or High five

3rd choice: Wrap your arms around her (+1 pacifism) and also (+1 sispervbro) or Squeeze (+1 perversion)

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 11

1st choice:

  1. Ask how if she’s having fun (+1 pacifism): No (-1 asplay), Maybe (+1 asplay) or also Yes (+2 asplay)
  2. Tell her you’d like her … (+1 perversion)

2nd choice: Both (3 scenes) or Just Alice (NO 3 scenes)

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 12

1st choice (Last chance for 3 scenes): I slept next to Alice and Leah (3 scenes) or Leah went to help Karina (NO 3 scenes)

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 13

1st choice: Take the call [Phone Call] and Go with Alice [Hang out with Alice] or Stay with Aunt Hailey or also Ignore it

2nd choice: (future scenes require less than +2 Beer Pong Points)

  1. Front Cup > Bounce now! (+1 Beer Pong Points)
  2. Middle Cup > Bounce now! (+2 Beer Pong Points)

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 14

1st choice: Smelly bits won’t stop me (+1 perversion) or You don’t have to worry about me being a pervert (+1 pacifism)

2nd choice: It’s not really that sexual (+1 pacifism) or Yeah, kind of (+1 perversion)

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 15

Choices without consequences

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 16

1st choice (requieres more perv points): You can choose to end inside (InsideMelody) or outside

2nd choice: Peek into bathroom (+2 perversion) or Wait in your room (+2 pacifism)

3rd choice: No you should go (+2 pacifism) or  Please do (+2 perversion)

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 17

Choices without consequences

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 18

1st choice (Save to see them all): Melody [Melody Sleepover] or Leah [Leah Sleepover] or also Karina [Karina Sleepover]

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 19

1st choice: Offer to go with her [Leah Points +1] or Stay with Alice [Alice Points +1]

2nd choice: Yes [Alice Points +1] or  Depends on everyone else

3rd choice: Join Mel [Melody Points +1] and also [Smoke] or No thanks [Karina Points +1]

4th choice: We can have time when we get home or We can spend this whole vacation together [Alice Points +1]

5th choice: Join them [Karina Points +1 , Alice Points +1] and also [Swim] or Stay behind [Melody Points +1 , Leah Points +1]

6th choice: Suggest everyone shower together [Group Points +1] or Offer to help Karina [Karina Points +1] or also Agree you need a shower also

7th choice: Probably not a great idea or Nothing wrong at all + You’re my girlfriend [Alice Points +4]

8th choice: Looking at Antiques [Karina Points +1] or None of your business

Freeloading Family Walkthrough – Chapter 20

1st choice: Talk about it + Tell Her [Melody Points +3]
or • Don’t talk about it

2nd choice: Stay with Leah [Leah Points +1] or Go with Karina [Karina Points +1]

3rd choice: Joke around more or Tell her the truth [Leah Points +1]

4th choice: Be serious [Karina Points +1] or Be silly

5th choice: Things have gone very well + I hope so [Group Points +1] or They are going ok + Stay the same [Group Points +1]

6th choice: Leah should join us [Leah Points +1] or Leah wouldn’t be good at it

7th choice (requires karina points >=3): I’m okay with it [Alice Points +1 , and also Karina Points +1] or I don’t think you should

8th choice:  Call her tough [Karina Points +1] or Tell her it’s going to be OK

9th choice: Accept [Melody Points +2] and also [Melody Girlfriend] or Decline

Chapter 21

1st choice: Let’s all have dinner together tonight [Alice Points +1, Hailey Points +1] and also [Dinner for Three] or Let’s have dinner, just you and I [Hailey Points +2]

2nd choice: Fake happiness [Hailey Points +1] or Just say hi

3rd choice: I can stay for that [Hailey Points +1] and also [Hailey Cuddle] or I just want to be alone for a bit

4th choice:

  • Touch her > Yes [Hailey Points +1]
  • Nevermind > Sure! [Hailey Points +1]

Chapter 22

1st choice: Demand Answers [Demand Answers] or Wait patiently

2nd choice: No thanks or Oh, nice! [Alice Points -1 , Melody Points -1 , Leah Points -1 , Karina Points -1 , Hailey Points -1]

3rd choice: Fool around [Hailey Points +1] or  Decline [Hailey Points -1

Chapter 23

  1. x2 Your Choice
  2. Hold her Hand (+ Hailey)
  3. Hug her (+ Hailey)
  4. (Requires Hailey +5) Go check the bathroom > x2 Keep Watching (+ Hailey)
  5. (Requires Hailey +6) Sleep with Hailey > Absolutely > Your choices

Chapter 24

  1. Yeah OR Not Really
  2. Cafe > Choose both: Tell her about Hailey’s house and also Talk more about Dad
  3. Office > Your choices (no impact)
  4. Home Dinner: Talk about…(your choice)
  5. Park > Reassure Her (+5 Alice)
  6. Video Chat with Dad > SAVE POINT!!!!! and choose depending on the ending you want

Chapter 25

Select Leah in the Video Chat with Dad in the previous chapter to unlock the 25th chapter.

  • Choose in order: Clothing store > Electronics store > Food court
  • Your choices, but of course, go for it

Chapter 26

Select Melody in the Video Chat with Dad, in Chapter 24 to unlock chapter 26.

Make your own choices, of course go for it, but be careful, there are two paths here. Select “We want them, one day” for the Pregnancy path. If you select “That life isn’t for us”, you won’t have babies.

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 is about Karina

  1. Bedroom: Throw her on the bed > Don’t.
  2. Outside: Say something > Let Karina handle it.
  3. Scene: Your choices


Well, now that you have the Freeloading Family Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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