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Fight Walkthrough

Are you looking for Live to Fight Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Live to Fight Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Live to Fight Walkthrough & Guide – First Steps

  1. Compliment
  2. Kiss Mrs Johnson on the cheek
  3. Help her > Yes > Try something
  4. Sure
  5. Offer her sleep together
  6. Keep looking
  7. For now > yes
  8. Yes
  9. Ask her to Move clothes a little
  10. Go with her
  11. Yes
  12. Fight defensively
  13. Go with Jess
  14. Tell the truth
  15. Ask about that
  16. Support her
  17. Help her
  18. Promise to teach her
  19. Hard day huh
  20. Life sucks
  21. Help her
  22. Go with Kat
  23. Tell her that I’m training MMA
  24. Go with her to eat
  25. Kiss Her
  26. Take advantage
  27. Bite the T > S*ck the other T > Bite the T
  28. Ask kelly > Tell her about the fight > Help her > Something in return > Help to train
  29. Beer with her > Hold her hand x2 > Help her
  30. Offer a massage > Massage feet > Massaging other foot > Do nothing
  31. Touch Her B > Intervene > Leave it
  32. Wine > Go with Kat

Live to Fight Walkthrough & Guide – 1st Update

  1. Yes
  2. Yes > You’ll do fine > Calm down > Help you with those books
  3. Increase Speed > Stop
  4. Help her > It is a pleasure > Touch her b >Touch her p > Put a fing in the P
  5. Speed training >Stop > Yes >
  6. Yes > Juli > Talking about? You’re fine > You are pretty
  7. Kiss her > Yes, no problem > Work > Compliment > Order > Sundae > Grab her B
  8. Shit, let’s do it > Be rough
  9. Don’t want to bother you > Beer > Kiss her > Go further twice
  10. I will help you > Incredible coffees for incredible women > Intervene > Work > Boyfriend > Why? You are beautiful. You have all the teeth…
  11. Annoying guy > Compliment > My work > Kiss in the cheeks > Do nothing
  12. Defensive and smart > Move right > Do nothing
  13. Wake her > Whatever you give me, it’s perfect > Where did you buy it > No, it’s delicious > Kiss her (cheek)

Let him win

  1. Yeah, sure > Let him win x3 > Your mother is right… > Take beer > Insist > Sure > Let her win > Sure > Let her win
  2. Let her win > Bet a kiss on the mouth > You are perfect > Move the pawn B2 one step forward > I always wanted to taste…
  3. You have no idea…> Maybe > Great body > So you relax > Yeah, why not > I will be your waiter
  4. Grope A > Coffee > It was a pleasure, Beautiful > What about… the thing > Grope > further
  5. Work out > Work > Compliment > My reward > kiss her > Go further x2 >Was Easy > Double leg takedown
  6. Juli > Compliment> What are you doing > It’s her loss
  7. Hey, what’s up sexy > I came to see you > Work > too bad > Workout > Compliment > Problems > Of course, honey
  8. Honey, do you need help > behind her and guide her > Spank her > I don’t mind.. > Of course
  9. Yes > Of course, sir > I reject…
  10. Study > Don’t worry, I know you will do well > Today’s plans > Sounds like paradise > Compliment > Training > Look stressed
  11. Better future > Do you want a massage? > Soft > Keep massaging > It’s part of the massage
  12. Help her > Your choice
  13. It looks delicious > Play with her A > You didn’t have to…
  14. I will trust you
  15. Work > Compliment > Your smile is contagious > Dave > Pretty girl with fabulous pink hair > Sounds good! Let’s go
  16. Nah, it’s ok, I trust you > You know how to use your mouth > Kiss her > Beer > Hold her hand
  17. Your brother can be very protective.. > Try something
  18. Job Mr. Robert’s wife > That woman is a psycho > She steals your organs
  19. Kiss her in the cheek > What were you doing > Mark > Compliment > Last time > Mr Johnson > Hold her hand
  20. I do > massage > go further > more further

Live to Fight Walkthrough & Guide – V0.48

  1. What do we have to do
  2. I was much worse the first time
  3. You did it well
  4. I came to have fun
  5. People will start coming now
  6. Compliment
  7. How are you?
  8. That sounds perfect…
  9. Can I have a beer
  10. Go ahead
  11. Intervene
  12. I just try to learn from you
  13. I hope it’s worth it


  1. You know you can tell me anything
  2. Try to grab her A
  3. I’ll massage your A
  4. If you took the job you go to work if don’t then you hit the gym
  5. Fighting rough
  6. What’s up, little pink hair
  7. You want to hang out with me
  8. What are you doing here to kill time
  9. I’ll have to come here more often
  10. Compliment
  11. And your friends Sam and Juli
  12. Dave
  13. Help her with the basket
  14. Help her carry the bag home
  15. It wasn’t a mistake for me
  16. Trying to kiss her
  17. Try to kiss her
  18. Grab her A
  19. arcade with Kat
  20. Guide her from behind
  21. Let her win twice
  22. Grab her B
  23. Drink the beer x3
  24. Check the door
  25. Get into the room
  26. Reveal the B
  27. Do what you like
  28. Take advantage
  29. All right, let’s go
  30. Yes, my lady
  31. Corridor A
  32. Check out the Bookcase on the left
  33. Take the pink book
  34. Thanks for the distraction
  35. Visit Andrea

Live to Fight Walkthrough & Guide – V0.50

  1. Say hello x2
  2. Don’t say that, you’re new at this
  3. Run your arm under mine and take your wrist
  4. You’ve done very well
  5. You want some water
  6. Greet her with a kiss on the cheek
  7. Say hello with a fist bump
  8. Your father is amazing
  9. I don’t know how you do it
  10. It’s easy with you as a teacher
  11. Give her a handshake and say goodbye
  12. Say goodbye to Noah
  13. Greet with a hug
  14. Say hello to him
  15. You were very good
  16. I can see that
  17. Help her
  18. There are things I like about this place
  19. You’re bad
  20. Greet emma with a kiss on the cheek
  21. I am always ready
  22. Thanks to you
  23. She is right
  24. Say hello with a kiss on the cheek
  25. Spy on her x2
  26. Go to check
  27. Dress E, Elegant black
  28. Pay for her
  29. Why didn’t you go shopping with Noah > Work > Compliment > James
  30. C inside


  1. Look at her A
  2. Talk to her
  3. Try to Kiss her
  4. Leave it open
  5. Go with him to pick up Kat
  6. Hug her
  7. He didn’t want to come alone
  8. I’ll get the beers
  9. Take three beers
  10. You don’t do anything, Dave
  11. Trying something
  12. Well, I’d better go
  13. I am a danger in the kitchen
  14. Fill half of the container
  15. Take the whole butter
  16. Fill the whole cup with flour
  17. Stay


  1. I believe you
  2. You too
  3. Juli
  4. Of course you have them
  5. How are you guys?
  6. Sounds good
  7. My house is a university
  8. I’m pretty sure you did very well
  9. Of course
  10. Is it allowed to call her that?
  11. Did I say that
  12. Her boyfriend


Well, now that you have the Live to Fight Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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