Dress Up Time Princess Shadow Of London Walkthrough

Dress Up Time Princess Shadow Of London Walkthrough

Are you looking for Dress Up Time Princess Shadow Of London Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to tell you Dress Up Time Princess Shadow Of London Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unlock

Dress Up Time Princess Shadow of London Walkthrough – Chapter 1

1.1 One Way Ticket

Tags: Formal & Noble

  • Appear disinterested > + Edward goodwill

1.2 Rules for Ladies

  • Do you understand these lessons? > + Priscilla goodwill

1.3 Tea Party

Tags: Warm & Elegant

  • I’m concerned about the situation in Eastern District > + Vincent goodwill

1.4 Lullaby

Tags: Formal & Gentle

(You need Priscilla goodwill level 2)

  • Be bold and investigate > + Priscilla goodwill

1.5 Unexpected meeting

Tags: Formal & Noble

  • Ask about the origin of the disease > + Edward goodwill

1.6 London’s Other Side

Tags: Warm & Elegant

(You need Edward goodwill level 2)

  • Yes > + Vincent goodwill

1.7 A Night of Shakespeare

Tags: Formal & Noble

  • The dramatic <Othello> > + Vincent goodwill
  • Tonight’s <A Midsummer Night’s Dream> > + Edward goodwill

Event: Ruby Opera House

1.8 Uncertainty

Tags: Formal & Gentle

(You need Vincent Goodwill level 2)

  • <Wuthering Heights> > + Priscilla goodwill
  • Choose:
    • The church
    • The workhouse

1.9 Undying Creature

Tags: Simple & Gentle

(You need Church in 1.8)

  • Why are you bent on investigating the epidemic? > + Vincent goodwill

1.10 Lilacs

Tags: Simple & Gentle

(You need Edward Goodwill level 3)

  • Glad > + Edward goodwill

1.11 Social Dance

Tags: Grand & Elegant

(You need Bellflower Guardian)

  • Mr. Savile > + Vincent goodwill
  • Doctor Grey > + Edward goodwill

1.12 Uneasiness

Tags: Formal & Gentle

  • Ask her why
  • Oppose her arrangements

1.13 Scarlet Rose Club

Tags: Warm & Elegant

(You need Vincent goodwill level 3)

  • Knock three times, pause, knock once, pause, knock twice
  • Roses wither

(Answer wrong any of the 2 previous choices to get the ending Evil Rejoices, answer both wrong to get the ending unknown terror)

1.14 The Baroness

Tags: Warm & Noble

(You need Laurence goodwill level 6)

  • Choose:
    • Refuse to drink > Ending: Doomed Judgement
    • Drink (better choice)
  • Choose:
    • Mr. Savile
    • Doctor Grey

Event Witch

1.15 Entrapment

Tags: Simple & Gentle

(You need the outfit Rule Keeper, chose Mr Savile in 1.14, also Priscilla goodwill level 3)

  • Accept his suggestion

1.16 Persuasion

Tags: Simple & Gentle

(You need Vincent goodwill level 4, also chose doctor grey in 1.14)

  • Tell him the truth

1.17 A Shock under Moonlight

Tags: Charming & Noble

(You need the outfit Doleful Lament)

  • Claim someone has been following me > + Priscilla goodwill
  • Ending: The Prey, You need: The Workhouse in 1-8, read Stage 1-10, Doctor Grey in 1-14 and Say something vague on 1-16

Event: True Colours

1.18 On the hunt

  • Bad Ending: The Captured >  The Church in 1-8, read 1-9, Mr. Savile in 1-14, Accept his suggestion in 1-15
  • To continue: Read both 1-15 and 1-16, selecting The Workhouse in 1-8, read 1-10 (Edward) and Mr Savile in 1-14, Accept his suggestion in 1-15
  • Choose:
    • Defend Vincent > + Vincent goodwill
    • Waver in my resolve
  • Event: Crossroads

1.19 Condolences

Tags: Formal & Gentle

(You need the outfit Evening Study, also Edward goodwill level 4)

  • Ask him directly
  • Feel him out

1.20 Recovery Season

Tags: Grand & Elegant

(You need Priscilla Goodwill level 4)

  • Agree with her > + Priscilla goodwill
  • Advise her not to think too much

1.21 Deep Suspicion

Tags: Charming & Noble

(You need the outfit Yearnful Poem, also Vincent Goodwill level 5)

  • Believe Vincent > + Vincent goodwill
  • Question Vincent

1.22 Desdemona’s End

Tags: Warm & Elegant

(You need Edward & Priscilla Goodwill level 5)

  • Stay > Ending: Back to the Shadows
  • Leave > Ending: Long Road Ahead


Well, now that you know Dress Up Time Princess Shadow Of London Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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