Borderlands Grinder Recipes (September 2021)

Borderlands Grinder Recipes

Our Borderlands Grinder Recipes gives you the perfect list of ingredients to make the ultimate recipe. Just use the Borderlands Grinder Recipes to create the best recipe.

Borderlands Grinder Recipes

Below is the best recipe guide for you to use in the game.

Weapons Recipes

  • White Weapon (Random type): 3 White weapons (different types)
  • Sniper Rigle: 1 Shotgun + 1 Assault Rifle + 1 Shield (But the 3 of the same rarity, blue or below)
  • SMG: 1 Assault Rifle + 1 Pistol + 1 Shield (But the 3 of the same rarity, blue or below)
  • Shotgun: 1 SMG + 1 Pistol + 1 Shield (But the 3 of the same rarity, blue or below)
  • Rocket Launcher: 2 Weapons + 1 Grenade mod (But the 3 of the same rarity, blue or below)
  • Purple Weapon (Random type): 3 Purple weapons (different types) (but moonstone grinds aren’t possible)
  • Purple Weapon (desired type): 2 Purple weapons (desired type) + 1 Purple Weapon (any type) (but moonstone grinds aren’t possible)
  • Purple or Blue Weapon (desired type): 2 Blue weapons (desired type) + 1 Blue weapon (any type)
  • Legendary Weapon (Random type): 3 Legendary weapons (any type) (but moonstone grinds aren’t possible)
  • Legendary or Purple Weapon (desired type): 1 Purple weapon (desired type) + 2 legendary weapons (any type) (but moonstone grinds aren’t possible)
  • Green Weapon (Random type): 3 Green weapons (different types)
  • Green or White Weapon (desired type): 2 White weapons (desired type) + 1 White weapon (any type)
  • Glitch Weapon (Random type): 3 Glitch weapons (any type) (but moonstone grinds aren’t possible
  • Blue Weapon (Random type): 3 Blue weapons (different types)
  • Blue or Green Weapon (desired type): 2 Green weapons (desired type) + 1 Green weapon (any type)
  • Assault Rifle: 1 SMG + 1 Sniper Rifle + 1 Shield (But the 3 of the same rarity, blue or below)
  • Purple or Blue item (desired type): 3 Blue items (same type) – Purple item with moonstones guaranteed
  • Legendary or Purple item (desired type): 3 purple items (same type) – Legendary item with moonstones guaranteed
  • Green or White item (desired type): 3 White items (same type) – Green item with moonstones guaranteed
  • Blue or Green item (desired type): 3 Green items (same type) – Blue item with moonstones guaranteed

Borderlands Grinder Recipes – Moonstone Bonuses

Use Moonstones in the Grinder to get bonuses for your items:

  • Serenity – Reduces rate of O2 consumption
  • Safeguard – Restores some of your shields on each kill
  • Punisher – Raises critical hit damage
  • Piercing Rounds – Grants a chance to ignore enemy shields
  • Oxygenator – Damaging enemies restores Oxygen
  • Harden Up – Improves maximum shields
  • Fast Learner – Bonus to XP from kills
  • Boominator – Increases grenade damage

Borderlands Grinder Recipes – Location

You can find the Grinder in Janey Springs’ workshop in Concordia, but you can only use it after you complete the side-quest Grinders


A second grinder is made available in Claptastic Voyage, which is found beside SYS_ADMIN in The Nexus


I hope that our Borderlands Grinder Recipes will help you to create the perfect recipe. Let us know in comment section if you need recipe guide for any other game.

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