Battle Breakers Tier List 2021

Battle Breakers Tier List

Battle Breakers Tier List gives you the best of in game characters ranked from best to worst. Our Battle Breakers Tier List has the list of latest characters from the game so that you choose the best ones.

Battle Breakers Tier List (Characters)

Below is the list of all the characters in the game ranked from best to worst.

Tier SS

Bladedancer ClaireDarkSS
Cloudrider YangLightSS
Cryosteel GolemWaterSS
Eclipse YangDarkSS
Eternal OneNatureSS
First Rifle LeighWaterSS
Gabrial The DaoutlessDarkSS
Guan Yu, God of WarNatureSS
Lifebringer CeliciaWaterSS
Paleheart FreyaDarkSS
Rebellious sun wukongDarkSS
Saiya Silver-BloodLightSS
Selene The ReaperDarkSS
Serra, Sun DiscipleLightSS
Sky Pirate PharisLightSS
Soul Theif OriasWaterSS
Stormbringer VaneNatureSS
Tidebringer VaneWaterSS

Tier S

Archangel DahliaLightS
Arctic Wolf TryggWaterS
Dan Go, heart crusherFireS
Diaochan the ArtfulWaterS
Dreadlord KarneDarkS
Fallen EinherjarFireS
Fox Eyes, StonebearerNatureS
Frost Ranger KalynWaterS
HSL-9000B AnnihilatorFireS
HSL-9000C AnnihilatorDarkS
Kassandra LightswornLightS
Katsuragi bladeWaterS
Lady Sun ShangxiangNatureS
Lyra the UnbreakableWaterS
Lyra the UnwaveringWaterS
Machine ServentDarkS
Myridia ThundercallLightS
Noble Ward MirraLightS
Paleheart FreyaDarkS
Sieie Lung, Flowing WaterWaterS
slayer KendricFireS
Sun WukongLightS
Vera the BreakerLightS
Voidwalker AndreDarkS

Tier A

Adorra the UnseenDarkA
Aldis HammersmithWaterA
Bladedancer KailaniWaterA
Burning Tiger XiaotongFireA
Caylis the BrandedDarkA
Conduit Bright-BurstLightA
Dareng the CursedDarkA
Ebonblade the FallenDarkA
Executioner ZediaDarkA
Ghost Captain QuianaDarkA
Ghost Captain QuianaLightA
Gigatech RAT-201DarkA
Gigatech RET-201FireA
Gigatech RIT-201LightA
Gigatech ROT-201NatureA
Helena, Fire SpiritFireA
Jayna the CleverFireA
Kerellia FrostbornWaterA
Ksilani LightbladeLightA
Kumiho the FoxFireA
Maegard sky-FuryLightA
Mistwalker, Fading LightDarkA
Nightmare, SoulthiefDarkA
Oceandweller GarethWaterA
Ranger Lin ChenNatureA
Riverwalker DeneWaterA
Scar, ForsakenFireA
Sentinel CelesteLightA
Silent BladeNatureA
Sir DozerNatureA
Sir LancelotWaterA
Strategist Zhuge LiangDarkA
tooth JarvicLightA
Wanderer YaijanFireA
Warlord Lu BuDarkA
Wavemaster JiangWaterA


I hope that our Battle Breakers Tier List will help you to pick the strongest and most powerful characters in the game. Let us know in comment section if you need tier list for any other game.

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