Amnesia Memories Shin Walkthrough

Amnesia Memories Shin Walkthrough

Are you looking for Amnesia Memories Shin Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Amnesia Memories Shin Walkthrough.

This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unlock all the endings in the game.


  1. I see a strange- looking kid…
  2. No, I understood…
  3. All right…
  4. I appreciate it
  5. I think so
  6. You might be overthinking it…

Amnesia Memories Shin Walkthrough – Good or Best Ending

  1. You could at least knock.
  2. I’m not very good with directions…
  3. Is black tea okay?
  4. No need to go to any trouble.
  5. Will you buy me a cake, then?
  6. Why would you ask that?
  7. SAVE! > Save 1
  8. I didn’t want to go back to the hospital.
  9. What’s with these injuries?
  10. Did you apologize to my dad at the hospital?
  11. A little bit.
  12. …Thanks for telling me.
  13. That sounds fine.
  14. No, I didn’t mind…
  15. You made me cry after my performance?
  16. I don’t want a lot of people to know.
  17. Welcome back, master
  18. Have you decided, master?
  19. Yes, master
  20. Thanks for coming here even though you’re busy
  21. Welcome back, Master
  22. Are you here to pick me up?
  23. Everyone helped me out
  24. Tell me more about the accident
  25. So Shin came to find me?
  26. Is Shin okay?
  27. SAVE! > Save 2
  28. Thank you, Toma.
  29. Yes, I believe you.
  30. I was saved thanks to you, Shin.
  31. Were you searching for me as well?
  32. Sorry Toma, Shin and I were going to go out.
  33. That is kind of how I see you
  34. Just… don’t be too forceful
  35. Do… you want to see some fireworks today?
  36. Would you be okay with it being so loud?
  37. It’s because you made the effort.
  38. I’m very sorry
  39. What’s happening with Shin?
  40. I was running in the dark and slipped
  41. I was a bit embarassed he was so close
  42. I don’t know
  43. I don’t remember
  44. No way.
  45. That memory might not be of the accident.
  46. Who searched for me that day?
  47. If it’s alright, I would like to walk with Toma.
  48. Okay, just while we’re eating…
  49. This isn’t like you…
  50. I heard you rescued me.
  51. Was I conscious when you found me?
  52. Please tell me how to contact the owner
  53. Go with Toma
  54. Could I ask why?
  55. I really wanted to see you…
  56. What kind of clue?
  57. (Choose all options)
  58. Shin do you have a minute?
  59. Yeah, it’s fine.
  60. Was this what you were saying before?
  61. I was just so happy to remember again…
  62. Someone tried to help me.
  63. SAVE! > Save 3
  64. Shin
  65. Can I sleep next to you…?
  66. Are you scared…?
  67. Okay…
  68. Sorry, I’m coming.
  69. Were you in the band with me?
  70. Toma
  71. What kind of kid was Shin?
  72. I want to go see a movie
  73. …It’s a promise, okay?
  74. I don’t think I can sing like before.
  75. That wasn’t the case yesterday

Amnesia Memories Shin Walkthrough – Normal Ending

  1. Load Save 2
  2. Shin isn’t at fault here
  3. I still need to think about it a bit more
    I think your calmness is amazing
  4. Were you searching for me as well?
  5. All three of us should hang out
  6. I’m sorry, it’s nothing.
  7. I’m very sorry
  8. What’s happening with Shin?
  9. I was running in the dark and slipped
  10. I was a bit embarassed he was so close
  11. I don’t know
  12. I don’t remember
  13. No way.
  14. That memory must be a mistake.
  15. Who searched for me that day
  16. No you’re not, Sawa. I’m happy to go.
  17. He’s just that kind of guy.
  18. I heard you lead the search
  19. Was I conscious when you found me?
  20. Please tell me how to contact the owner
  21. Go with Sawa
  22. If you do like him, tell me, okay?
  23. I really wanted to see you…
  24. What kind of clue?
  25. (Choose all options)
  26. It won’t take me very long…
  27. Yeah, it’s fine.
  28. What are you saying?
  29. I was just happy to remember again.
  30. I don’t remember
  31. Mine
  32. Why?
  33. Sorry, I’m coming.
  34. Were you in the band with me?
  35. What do you think, Orion?
  36. Shin
  37. We should study together
  38. But you had someone watching me, too…

Amnesia Memories Shin Walkthrough – Bad Endings

Bad Ending 1

  1. Load Save 1
  2. I didn’t know if I could trust you.
  3. What’s with these injuries?
  4. A memory just came back to me
  5. I’m okay.
  6. Is this contact info real?
  7. I don’t really feel like walking
  8. Yeah, I’m sorry…
  9. I’m fine, I just remembered something…
  10. I can’t trust other people.
  11. Welcome, dear customer
  12. Welcome back, master
  13. What would you like to have?
  14. I’ll be back in just a moment
  15. I’m sorry, you had more important things to do.
  16. Welcome, dear customer.
  17. What happened with prep school?
  18. Everyone helped me out
  19. Tell me more about the accident
  20. I remember being found
  21. But I’m sure it was Shin who found me
  22. Shin isn’t at fault here.
  23. I still need to think about it a bit more
  24. I think your calmness is amazing
  25. Who started this love triangle rumor?
  26. All three of us should hang out
  27. I’m sorry, it’s nothing.
  28. Im very sorry
  29. What’s happening with Shin?
  30. My neck.
  31. Shin might be hiding something.
  32. How was Shin feeling that day?
  33. Shin’s still a suspect…
  34. If it’s alright, I would like to walk home with Toma
  35. Okay, Just while we’re eating…
  36. I heard you rescused me.
  37. Is it true that Shin stayed back at the lodge?
  38. Please tell me how to contect the owner.
  39. Go with Toma.
  40. Could I ask why?
  41. Are you okay…?
  42. But I was waiting for you to come back…
  43. Okay, I’ll believe you…
  44. (Choose all options)
  45. It won’t take me very long…
  46. Wouldn’t it be better for us to go together?
  47. What are you saying?
  48. I just spaced out a bit from the memory…
  49. I don’t remember.
  50. Toma
  51. Why?
  52. I’d actually rather just go home.
  53. Shin, what is this?
  54. Shin
  55. We should study together.
  56. But you had someone watching me, too…
  57. That wasn’t the case yesterday.

Bad Ending 2

  1. Load Save 3
  2. Sawa
  3. Were you the culprit…?


Well, now that you have Amnesia Memories Shin Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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